Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Locating the best online slot is not as easy a task as it may appear. This is because online slot gaming is subjective, each player will have his or her own preferences when it comes to gaming – also learn the best hand in Blackjack.

Best online slots 

There are a few games which are generally agreed upon to rank amongst the best ever including Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Mega Joker. The ironic thing is that these titles actually share very little similarities, despite all being considered the very best slot game. 

10 pointers to locate best online slot 

Locating the best online slot possible is not always easy, as there is so much choice the decision is often very tough. The following are ten pointers that will help you to locate the very best online slot you can. 

  1. Look at reviews – The very first thing that you can do to help make a decision on a game is to look at the reviews it has. While professional slot reviewers will not always be right, they can offer a new perspective on a slot game. Players just need to make sure that the reviewer they are using is reputable and has a trustworthy opinion.
  2. Ask fellow players – A great way to get a consensus on a slot game is to ask your fellow players what their opinion on the slot is. No one else is going to know better than the people who are actually using the game. The slot community is very helpful, particularly if you are new, so it is wise to use the knowledge of your fellow players to your advantage.
  3. Look at the bonuses – Slot games will offer bonuses to players that use them, however not all bonuses are created equal. Look for slots that offer lucrative bonuses or a large amount, this will help you to spot the titles which offer the best possible playing experience.
  4. Look for a good theme – This is simple enough, just look for a slot theme that you think you will find enjoyable, there are tons out there.
  5. Look at the RTP – This will give you a good idea of what sort of return you can expect from a game, select a title with an RTP that suits your needs.
  6. Mini games – It’s not all about the main game, if you like spinning a wheel or other similar mini games, it is always wise to check if a slot has any mini games alongside the base game.
  7. Jackpots – Progressive and fixed jackpots are the main things that you should be looking for when it comes to a slot game.
  8. Soundtrack – Try to listen to the soundtrack beforehand, it may seem like a small thing but a good soundtrack can turn a game from good to great.
  9. Graphics – Do you want a modern looking slot or a classic looking slot, the games graphics can help make this decision for you.
  10. Reel design – The standard 5 reel format is just one of many combinations, look for others if you feel that it does not suit your gameplay style. 


Locating the best online slot just requires a little effort from the player.

By Manali