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When a divorce involves children, matters are almost always complicated. If you and your spouse can’t agree on custody, you’re at a disadvantage due to your situation, or you’re worried about your children’s safety, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire a divorce lawyer for women. In Columbus, OH, you can find attorneys who specialize in representing women going through a challenging divorce. 

5 Situations Where You Want an Experienced Columbus, OH Custody and Divorce Lawyer for Women

1. You and Your Partner Can’t Agree on Custody 

90% of the time, parents settle custody matters out of court. They might already have an idea of the best arrangement for the children, for example, because one parent spent a lot more time with the children than the other in the past. However, some people have a hard time agreeing because both parents want custody.

Because your children’s living arrangements are so important, hiring a lawyer is a good idea. First, your attorney will attempt to help you settle out of court. They might set up meetings with your spouse and their lawyer to try to find a suitable agreement. If this isn’t possible, your lawyer will take matters to court, and they will help you prepare the necessary evidence to win your case.

2. You Have Made Mistakes in the Past

It’s almost always better for the children to have contact with both their parents. For this reason, the law normally dictates that both the father and the mother should get to see their children, even if one person is the custodial parent and one isn’t. However, this might not be the case if you’ve made mistakes in the past.

People with a history of substance abuse, those with a criminal record, and those who have neglected their children in the past are less likely to get custody. If any of these apply to you, you should hire the best lawyer you can because you might have to fight for your rights. A competent attorney will provide evidence that you have changed and that you are now able to take care of your children.

3. You Are at a Disadvantage 

Sometimes, you are at a disadvantage despite doing everything right. Studies have shown that people who belong to minorities, for example, people of color, those with a disability, and those from the LGBTQ+ community, could be less likely to get custody than white, heterosexual parents. Therefore, you have to get support if you belong to a minority but your former spouse doesn’t. 

If there is any bias, your lawyer will be able to uncover and dispute it. They will know all the local and national anti-discrimination laws, and they will be able to use them to argue your case. That way, there’s no risk that you will lose custody of your children due to a factor that is outside your control.

4. You’re Worried About Your Children’s Safety 

The aim of most parents is to keep their children safe and well. Unfortunately, some homes aren’t suitable for children. There might be issues with violence, substance abuse, neglect, or unsafe conditions. If you’re worried about your children’s safety at your former spouse’s home, you should consult with custody lawyers for women in Columbus, OH.

There are several possible solutions, and the optimal one depends on the severity of the issue. If there is any chance that your child would be abused at your spouse’s home, you should demand sole custody. However, you could aim for a more moderate solution, such as supervised visits or no overnight stays, if you believe that some contact would be safe for the children. 

5. Your Ex Already Hired a Custody Attorney 

Another good reason to talk to an attorney is if your former spouse has already hired someone. This is a signal that they want to fight for custody, and you shouldn’t ignore it. Instead, you should book a consultation with a lawyer to find out where you stand and what your chances of getting full or partial custody are. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of getting your preferred outcome.

6. You Are Worried About Child Support 

Although many families are choosing a non-traditional structure, about a quarter of mothers stay at home. If you’ve spent years looking after the home and raising your children, you might be at a financial disadvantage during the divorce. A lawyer can help you make sure you get a fair amount of child support and alimony. This allows you to maintain your standard of living, even though you no longer share a home with your spouse.

In Columbus, there are countless laws that determine custody arrangements. Mothers who are going through a challenging divorce or are worried about their children’s custody arrangement should contact an experienced custody and divorce lawyer for women. A good attorney will help you figure out what arrangement is best for your children and then negotiate with the other party on your behalf.

By Manali