Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Anxiety is a mental health condition with intense fear, worry, and nervousness about some event. 

It is characterized by restlessness, rapid heart rate, muscle spasm, poor concentration, and irritability among others.

The compounding pharmacy near me manages anxiety effectively with medications. Although, there are other ways to manage anxiety.

6 Anxiety Triggers You Should Know

We all experience anxiety at some point in our life, but it becomes persistent in some individuals which demands that much attention is given to the events that initiate or worsen the anxiety.

These are some of the anxiety triggers;

  1. Stress

You can experience stress in your daily routine, workplace, conflicts, environment, and emotional occurrences. And when this stress lingers for a long period, they stimulate and worsen the anxiety. 

To manage stress effectively, firstly identify situations that cause you stress. After you’ve identified them, start looking for sustainable solutions to those causes.

  1. Trauma

If you have unpleasant and painful memories about some particular events, having an uncertain similar occurrence can trigger anxiety, as it is with post-traumatic stress disorder.

For instance, in case you experienced a minor accident from being hit by a car, seeing a car might trigger your anxiety level. 

Getting therapy is the most effective management of trauma.

  1. Finances

We all worry about our financial situation, whether we don’t have enough or we want to make more money. Especially with poor finances such as debt, one can experience a panic attack as a side effect of anxiety. 

Constant worrying about finances not only triggers anxiety but can also cause other health issues. So instead of worrying, start looking out for possible solutions to your financial difficulties.

  1. Environment

In a physical environment, dirtiness and disorganization cause one to be overwhelmed and trigger anxiety. Also, having relationships with negative people can spur you into being anxious. 

So moving away from this kind of environment will help to manage your anxiety level.

As regards your inner environment, your negative thoughts are triggers to anxiety. Cultivate the act of positivity and you’ll see your anxiety reduced.

  1. Alcohol or drug use

Taking alcohol or drugs can cause anxiety. This is because they change the chemistry of the brain by altering the levels of neurotransmitters.

Withdrawing from such use also has anxiety as a side effect. To properly manage this trigger, consult your healthcare professional as regards your withdrawal intention.

  1. Self-neglect

When you don’t give enough care to yourself, it may initiate anxiety. Not eating a balanced diet can disrupt your body’s biochemistry and make you susceptible to anxiety. 

Also, inadequate sleep leads to poor function and generates other health issues including anxiety.

General Management Of Anxiety Triggers

  • Get professional help early: If you’re experiencing anxiety, consult a therapist or healthcare professional early enough to get prompt help.
  • Self-care: Eat, sleep, and exercise regularly. This increases your productivity and performance daily.
  • Avoid alcohol use: Instead, cultivate good habits like journaling, meditation, and other exercises to improve your mental health.

By Manali