Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Speed, ease, and efficiency are some of the words that best describe the effect of information technology on our lives and businesses.

Almost daily, newer inventions are being introduced to the market to make our already eased life easier with jaw-opening advancements in information technology.

You are probably nodding in agreement at the moment.

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So, what are the benefits of IT to mankind? Find out below.


If you were to eliminate IT from your life, then you would find it almost impossible to multitask without messing up any of the tasks you are working on. This results in huge time savings for us all. 

Asides from that. Consider how fast communication these days. How about transportation? Thanks to IT you don’t need a robust team to start a business, few people can do the job of multitudes provided they are armed with the right IT tools.

Improved access to information

How do you feel when Google brings billions of suggested answers to your question each time you run a query through Google or any other search engine? That’s the power of technology. Decades before we had to browse through leaves of books or travel states to access information.

Now it is just at the tap of our phone. You don’t have to go to school to learn anymore, you can conveniently learn anything from your area of comfort.

Eliminates waste

Agricultural productivity has increased by a mile ever since technology became part of our lives. Perishable goods can now last through the year once they have been processed. This was made possible by technology.

Economies of scale

Efficient production due to the use of advanced types of machinery brought about by innovations under IT leads to economies of scale for companies. This helps a firm to maximize profitability and ensure a decrease in their fixed and variable expenses.

Income opportunities

Now, people can work from anywhere around the world. IT has unlocked the door to riches for so many people. By that, I am not referring to IT specialists alone —every professional who knows how to use the internet can get a job.

Also, IT has owned new job opportunities in new fields such as UI/UX, programming, and web design, among others.


Communication is now easier and more efficient for us all. Nowadays, you don’t have to send a direct mail to someone who lives far from you unless it’s necessary. Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, among others, have made it so easy for us to communicate and meet new people.


Motorcycles, cars, and airplanes are products of technology. Now, you travel between countries within a few hours. Imagine you had to trek in order to visit a country where you intend to spend your vacation or you and your spouse had to ride camels to go on your honeymoon. I guess you don’t like the thought of that. In all — Thank you, IT!

By Manali