Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Have you ever wondered if men had birth control options? Over time, we have come to understand that ladies are the ones who carry some of the contraceptive methods on themselves, but in a real sense, it is for the benefit of both the male and female.

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I think I am bursting your bubbles already because you never saw this coming! In this article, you will get to see the birth control options for men and how it works.

Are you following? Let’s begin!

Birth Control Options For Men

In case you don’t know, the men’s birth control options just help ensure that the lady does not get unwanted pregnancy. 

Now, there is only one birth control option for men, which reads to be 98-99% reliable. The others might not be as effective as the first one I’ll be stating. They are:


Vasectomy is seen to be the surest option for birth control as regards man. You need to consult your doctor and an advisor before starting this as a man. This is because it might involve a slight surgical operation, and you’ll get to do it for certain reasons, be it health-wise or thereabout. You must be mentally ready to embark on this. 

Sometimes it takes time for it to start working effectively, let’s say about three months.


Condoms are said to be 85% risk-free for those who use them. Male condoms are effective, especially when you get the right brands. To avoid unwanted pregnancy, you can use this method as a man, and you could be lucky because it is not a 100% secure method.

Withdrawal method

This is practiced by men when they get to the point of ejaculation and pull out. This is only safe when the sperm has no contact with the vagina at all. If there is contact then there is bound to be a pregnancy. This explains that you must be sure that your sperm is having no contact with the female opening.


As the word implies, it would kill the sperm cells. It is just like an insecticide working against insects. If the sperm cells do not die completely, then there is a chance that pregnancy occurs. You must be sure to use it correctly to avoid stories.

Monitoring the fertility cycle of the lady

This is just that point when you decide to be consciously aware of the fertility process of your wife. So, if you’re aware of those times it would help you know about the fertile times of your lady so you know when to have intercourse.

Oral method

This involves having intercourse without any organ penetrating. Satisfaction is only gotten through oral means or masturbation by both parties.


This involves not engaging in intercourse at all. This could be regarded as the safest method because you are risking nothing at all. 

Now that you know the options available for men, you should no longer have an issue with it. All you need to do is follow them cautiously and know what works for you perfectly.

By Manali