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It’s a great way to stand out from the traditional pre-printed calendars in 2022 to buy a photo calendar for yourself or as a gift. Your favorite photo of the past will always accompany you at the start of each new month, bringing warm feelings that you will cherish.

By choosing a Calendario personalizzato, you or a loved one can enjoy something so much more special than a collection of cute kittens or photos showing local firemen posing conspicuously topless. It is possible to create custom photo calendars that display pictures of your friends, family members, or even yourself in their best moments. This makes them a living part of your wall.

You may be able to choose to give a calendar as a gift to loved ones, allowing them to see you. We’ve compiled a list of the best photo calendars that make great personal gifts. All of our picks come with easy-to-use tools and tons of theme options.

You should consider several factors when selecting a service: how easy it is to use, what speed it has, what quality the end result is, and how much it costs? Among the top photo calendars you can buy right now, we’ve taken into account these and plenty more factors.

Photo calendars are what they sound like.

The concept behind a photo calendar is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a full 12-month calendar with your personal images and photos. Upload your photos to the service’s website, where you can then arrange them as you prefer from month to month, using the easy-to-use software. It is then printed and sent out by the service.

The fact that it’s something the recipient can enjoy – or yourself – for an entire year makes it perfect photo gift material (especially in the lead up to Christmas).

What is the best website for photo calendars?

On the web, there are several excellent photo calendar websites. consistently ranks as our #1 favorite. In as little as a few minutes you’ll be able to create professional calendars using the tool, which means that you’ll be creating them in no time at all. Generally speaking, the quality of the finished photo calendars is excellent, and while the prices are higher than that of many other photo calendars, the prices remain within what we’d consider to be reasonable.

Is there a time limit for creating a photo calendar?

This entirely depends on how much of a perfectionist you are and just how customized you want your photo calendar to be. You can literally create a photo calendar in minutes, if you’re happy to stick to the templates provided by the service and roughly know what photos you want to include.

But the best services let you customize everything – to the amount of images per page, where they sit, labels for special days, and much more. So if you really want to conjure up something special, you might want to give yourself adequate time to get it all just so.

How long do photo calendars take to send out?

This does change from service to service, but once you’re happy with your design and hit ‘Order’, expect to receive your photo calendar after 7-15 days.

As we say, some services are faster than others. But also note that most photo calendar services let you pay extra to expedite the printing and delivery. 

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