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Eavestroughs are the pieces of metal or plastic next to your roof that channel water from it into a downspout.

They’re an essential part of any home because they prevent damage caused by dampness, leading to mold formation and other costly problems. That is why eavestrough cleaning is necessary.

1) What’s the Purpose?

Since roofs are designed for shedding rain, they sometimes overflow water. The water has to go somewhere, which is where eavestroughs come in — they collect the rainwater and direct it into a downspout that leads it away from your house’s foundation.

2) It’s Not Just About The Look – It’s About the Functionality

Many homeowners focus on choosing parts of their homes that they consider good rather than how the materials function. Rainwater is nothing to fool with; it can be heavy!

Eavestroughs are designed to hold a certain number of liters/gallons, so leaving them clogged will cause the water to find another way, leading to potential problems.

3) Eavestrough Cleaning: Why It’s Important

Cleaning out your eavestroughs is vital for several reasons. First, it prevents potential problems; second, you’re clearing away leaf clutter that could block the flow of water; third, you’re clearing away potential nesting spots for pests.

4) How Often Should I Get My Eavestroughs Cleaned?

The frequency varies depending on several factors, including how often it rains and how much debris accumulates in them. Some homeowners choose to clean theirs out either once or twice a year.

It’s essential to have your eavestroughs cleaned out at least once or twice a year. You risk clogging, water damage, and pest problems risks any longer than that. Eavestrough cleaning can also extend the life of your gutters if performed regularly.

5) Who Is the Best Company to Get Eavestroughs Cleaned By?

It is mainly dependent on what factors are important to you, as homeowners have different needs and desires.

For example, some look for companies who’ll clean their eavestroughs free of charge if they’re already having a gutter cleaning done, while some will check for companies who offer low-cost services.

6) Eavestroughs Can Cause Problems If Not Properly Maintained

Eavestroughs that aren’t cleaned frequently can lead to clogs and water damage. It includes potential mold that could end up growing inside your home if the water gets stopped up and is allowed to sit long enough.

7) Eavestroughs Benefit from Having Leaf Debris Removed

Fall is a prime time for leaves, especially those from trees such as maple or pine.

Left alone, these leafy materials can run down the eavestrough and onto your roof, which can lead to damage. Cleaning them out also enables better water flow and less likely clogging.

8) Avoid Pests by Having Eavestroughs Cleaned Regularly

Roof rats and squirrels like to make nests on top of homes, but they’ll also make their homes in eavestroughs if they can’t find a way onto the roof.

It increases the risk of them falling into your home and getting inside, posing a threat to your family’s health and safety.

9) Eavestrough Cleaning: Not Just for Looks

Cleaning out these gutters is vital for the functionality of your home. While you might not notice it right away, eavestrough cleaning can keep the walls around your foundation from rotting by enabling better water flow that keeps them dry.

10) Tip: Get an Estimate on Eavestrough Cleaning Costs

Be sure to get quotations for your eavestrough cleaning services. It is done by requesting estimates from several companies checking their reviews and credentials before making a decision.

The last thing you want to do is pay for cleaning services without actually receiving them or getting value for your money.

11) Eavestrough Cleaning Schedule Varies Depending on several Factors

Some homeowners prefer to have them done in the spring and fall, while others opt for every four months. It’s a matter of personal preference. The frequency depends on your location and how often it rains in your area.

12) Eavestrough Cleaning: When Does It Make Sense?

It generally makes sense to get your eavestroughs cleaned out every couple of years. It is especially true if you’ve had them cleaned before or are hiring a service that does both gutter cleaning and eavestrough cleaning.

13) Spring Cleaning: Eavestroughs Can Be a Pain

They’re often neglected, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Spring is a great time to have your eavestroughs cleaned out, and any potential issues are taken care of.

14) Why Choose Professional Eavestrough Cleaning Services?

For starters, you always want to go with a reputable, insured company when it comes to any home improvement work.

It ensures they’ll come out and professionally complete the job while also taking all precautions necessary to protect your home from the damage that could cost more in the long run.


Eavestrough cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance. Do it at least once or twice a year, preferably during warmer weather periods when leaves fall off the trees.

Make sure you hire an insured service that offers both eavestrough and gutter cleaning services to get the best value for your money.

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By Manali