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A Fundraising strategy involves the plan that spelled out how a non-profit organisation would raise revenue to accomplish their organizational goal—i.e, charity work. 

Owning a non-profit organization means you’ll have to think of getting lots of donations to cater for your charity work, and you are not mistaken in your thought. What is then needed for you is an effective fundraising strategy that will help drive you to accomplish your organizational goal.

In the next few paragraphs of this resource , you will be educated on the working strategy that can help any non-profit achieve their mission.

Mobilizing your Donors

Donors are just as important as the outpour of revenue you’d expected. Hence, creating passionate and motivated donors is very imperative. 

To ensure you have not just donors, but passionate and motivated ones, do the following create the passion and motivation in them:

  • Incentivize Your Top Fundraisers
  • Launch Donor Recognition Programs
  • Facilitate Grassroots Fundraising
  • Exert Influence on Public Opinion
  • Get to Know Your Donors

Launch Donor Recognition Programs

Donors need to be motivated and recognized for their contributions. Your mobilized donors are present with you because they believe in your mission, they feel good about themselves, and they want to leave a legacy. 

Therefore, a message If ‘thank you’ should be sent directly to each of your key donors after a gift is been received and after an impact has been made with the gift. This is your tool to upgrade your donors to monthly recurring donors.

Facilitate a Grassroots Fundraising Strategy

Beyond creating consistent donors, more can still be done to expand your source of revenue to a wider audience. 

This can be done by employing a peer-to-peer fundraiser. With peer-to-peer fundraiser, making use of even your donors, you’ll get your course being supported by people from the grassroots like the family and friends of your donors, who are not directly your staff.

Exert Influence on Public Opinion

To make your organization heard by the public, you need to reach out to influencers like the press, the politicians, and the general public. 

To achieve this, you can influence opinion on any of the public concerns choosing an organization, such as Human rights organizations, healthcare organizations, environmental protection organizations, animal rights organizations, political groups, among others.

Get to Know Your Donors

Aside from connecting and getting in touch with your donors through sending direct emails and messages, there’s a need to create physical contact with them because they are part of your organization and they won’t like being held in a routine situation of getting in touch with messages only. 

This concept is very helpful in gathering data of your donors that are useful in creating donor profiles. 

With this profile, valuable information like the social and economic strata of your donors are known, and you can analyze this and come up with the strategy of sending customized messages and donation appeals that match their status. 

Also, records of donors are kept, and the history of their donations is recorded and can be tracked so that the next donation amount can be appealed based on the recent amount.

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