Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

There is nothing new to this generation when it comes to technology and gadgets. Even toddlers can swipe through Youtube and skip the ad to view their favourite Cocomelon rhyme.

The world was completely different 2-3 decades ago when people believed the internet was just a facade and would not last more than a couple of years! Fast-forward to the present – the whole world is now living more virtually than in reality!

During the pandemic, virtual dependency skyrocketed – so the show wouldn’t stop. Business meetings, political gatherings, shopping, and even learnings were done online. 

As the new world emerged slowly, we’re experiencing a change in trends in the workplace and education. A hybrid environment at the workplace allows parents to spend time with kids, and online learning helps young minds interact with the world while being safe in their homes.

Here are a few more reasons your child benefits from an online class.

The quick learner

Many children can grasp a subject faster than the rest. While one might be quicker with dictation, the other might be great at math. An online class blurs the line of sitting through the entire period idly and allows the kid to finish their favourite subjects faster. 

There are various choices available online for you to choose from – from an individual tutor, easy access to websites and others that need you to subscribe. It is at your discretion to decide what’s right for your child. Find the right professional for your child using the email format finder tool, Its Chrome extension helps you find email addresses on online media platforms like LinkedIn and Gmail.

Learning by self

Learning sentences by heart has been a mantra for many for quite a long time. This trend does mark you up by a better grade but does that mean that the child has absorbed the knowledge? Probably not. Online classes inculcate the habit of self-learning.

The lessons are interactive and enhance the proactivity of the pupil. When the content is creative and engaging, it is only natural for your child to be interested in the next class. The flexibility also allows the child to sit for longer to study or wrap it up soon! It entitles them to use their time efficiently and gives them the opportunity to pursue their passion outside of academics.

An affordable connection

Every parent wants their child to have a great exposure to the world, so they are prepared well for the future. However, not every household is financially equipped enough to send a child to another country. The internet breaks such barriers and turns the world into a global village.

Here, while the child interacts with other children from different parts of the world, they also learn morals like self-discipline and practical world skills. Online learning gives an opportunity for inquisitive minds to grasp more knowledge and use the power of technology to good use. 

Final thoughts

Parents reading this article; know that the internet is highly dynamic, with innovation coming up at each corner. While following academics is essential. Yet, it is equally important to equip the next generation with the right life skills.

By Manali