Sat. Jul 13th, 2024


The modern world is a world of technology. Technology has made things much easier for humans. Today we can make payments just by sitting at our homes and can have access to educational classes just by sitting in front of digital tools. Technology has made us more comfortable with living. In these modern times, especially after the pandemic, our lives are generally inclined to online learning. Today in this article, we will help you understand what changes did online learning brought to us.

The change that online learning or Technology has brought to the education world is outstanding and revolutionary. Let us figure out what changes it has made to the ordinary lives of students.

Accessibility and Availability

In a country like India, where most of the geographies are rural in an establishment, it was utterly tricky for the ubiquitous conduction of educational practices if traditional practices only existed. Only after the advent of online education has education reached everywhere in India.

The accessibility that online education has provided us with actually broke all the chains that education delivery had before and is no more confined to the traditional time and other classroom settings.

Not just that, with its rich accessibility and reach, the learning has benefitted not just students but also the teachers.

Teachers are more comfortable gathering resources for delivering quality education to the students. The fact that when you are presented with choices anywhere, you get more engaged and excited can’t be denied.

In fact, with the variety introduced in digital tools, it has become more convenient for the students to choose the one they prefer.

The Internet has become accessible to them through these digital tools, which has made data extraction easy for both teachers and students.

Implements different styles of Learning

Neither two individuals are similar, nor do their learning habits or style. Some students like listening to a modern technological auditory form of information delivery: Podcasts, whereas others are comfortable looking at videos and learning from them.

As you all already know, there are different learning styles, including Visual, Audio, Kinaesthetic, and Reading/writing. Although there are other popular learning styles, these four are the most common.

Technology can allow students to learn through direct instruction, video streaming, podcasting, project-based learning, adaptive algorithm-based software, etc.

The LMS portals and School management software or School Management system can help provide these facilities.

Technology has given choices to students

Technology has made students more dependent on their own choices, which they earlier were not in the traditional system, as they could not at that time study the subject of their like, along with the main subjects every day. But with technology and online learning introduced, comprehensive education has become more personalized in origin.

It is also essential that students are introduced and made responsible enough to have the guts to make their own decision, and thus everything can work out efficiently. If you some of the control and leave the decision-making to students to choose how to show what they have learned or let them design their own homework assignment, they can be more empowered and build momentum that can endure after the unit is over.

Online learning is an outcome of advanced science and technology. The importance and need for such learning methods were only realized worldwide when a crisis came. The crisis that made people across India and Experts in the education sector aware of what technology can do is none other than the pandemic we all have been suffering from Since January 2020.

Earlier also, such practices were there, but they were only treated as some alternative after being implemented on a full-scale basis. It is clear now that these practices are the most sustaining for the world.

By Manali