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Mobile app development, like any other field, has its own jargon and set of skills that one needs to learn in order to be successful. 

If you’re a beginner looking to become a mobile app developer, this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll outline the basics of what you need to know in order to get started – from learning how to code to building your first prototype. So if you’re ready to start down the road of becoming a mobile app developer, read on!

How to be a Mobile App Developer

1. Learn The Appropriate Skills

The category of app you want to be developing will determine the kind of skills and training you will need.

To develop iOS mobile apps, learn all or either of these skills:


It is advisable to learn Objective-C first to develop iOS apps because Objective-C is the primary tool for building most iOS apps. It is also a requirement for updating iOS app codes and algorithms to a better quality.


Swift is a brand-new coding language and algorithm made available by Apple to programmers who wish to develop iOS apps. It is straightforward to use and quick to understand, and regular changes to the language make coding programs simple for you.

Study and understand Swift and its tools if you wish to be creating iOS applications for businesses or IT services.


UIKit allows app developers to design and model the UI and UX content of iOS mobile apps. With the help of this software, you can add animations, motions, and other responsive elements to your iOS apps.


Creating apps for any iOS mobile device might be difficult due to the variety of dimensions and specifications that these devices come in. But with Xcode, you can make apps for every Apple iPad and iPhone.

To develop Android mobile apps, learn all or either of these skills:


Java is the programming language of almost every Android application. Learning Javascript and its components is a crucial skill set for aspiring Android app developers. Study an ‘Introduction to JavaScript Programming’ course if you have no idea how it works.

UX/UI Design

As an android app programmer, you should have a good knowledge of user experience, user interface design, and coding languages, enabling you to learn every set of rules and guidelines that must be adhered to when developing an Android app.

2. Using Software For Developing Mobile Apps

Using mobile development tools is an additional option for creating an app. There are thousands of designs to get you started, and you don’t need to know how to code before using this software.

Note: Before you decide to be an Android application developer and apply for jobs, remember that there are numerous types of Android phones available. For a fact, it is advisable to master cross-platform programming languages if you want to create apps for both Android and iOS operating systems.

3. Other Skills Required To Be An App Developer

Creating mobile apps requires more than technical steps according to app development company Agilie. Although soft skill is something that is not directly related to coding or programming, soft skills will help you to create excellent mobile apps when contacted for an app development project.

Other skills necessary for an app developer to build an awesome app for projects are:


Creating excellent apps requires cooperation and cannot be done alone. You need to interact with other professionals and work with people like co-developers and testers to make the app turn out superb.


Recall that creating an app requires more than just technical expertise. To create an attractive app layout, you must use creativity and consider alternatives other developers on distinct career paths overlooked. See the internet as an opportunity to seek information to use and boost your portfolio in the app development industry.

Tackling Issues

Building an app entails addressing issues, so you should use algorithms and codes to address these problems. You should have the capacity for logical thought to apply the essential corrections and adjustments to create a reliable app.


When developing mobile applications, being detail-oriented can be a good advantage. You must pay close attention to every tiny element because even a misspelled word can result in faults and issues.

4. Select A Platform

Selecting a platform is part of learning how to create a mobile app. There are some platforms to choose from, including iOS,  Windows, and Android. Currently, iOS and Android are ruling the mobile market. Therefore, learn how to develop iOS or Android apps when starting.

Focus on just one before slowly broadening your horizons to integrate additional app development platforms.

5. Practice The Skills

Creating an app begins basically with learning how to write code. You can structure the practice session as follows:

6. Create An App Design

Start by creating an app prototype. Learn about the things that people deal with regularly. Highlight the one that seems more relevant after listing them, and begin to plan the app.

7. Structure The App Specifications

Ensuring your application is simple to use is another way to checkmate if your mobile application runs smoothly. If you want the app users to stay long in the app, you must create a top-notch user interface in combination with quality content.

8. Work Together Or Recruit The Individuals You Need

It’s not compulsory that you will build the entire app yourself. For example, you can be skilled in coding but lacking in design abilities. It is preferable to seek assistance from someone who can work on designs perfectly. Join a team who can assist you or enroll in one of the app development companies or hire a colleague.

9. Assess The App

After developing the app, you need to assess it, because, in the first version of any piece of software, bugs are inevitable.

You can tell your friends to install the app, use it and make comments if they find any type of bugs or problem. You can use the feedback to determine what features of an app functions and which ones don’t.

Can I Learn How To Develop Mobile Apps Myself?

Yes. You can start afresh or refine your knowledge of app development using the resources on any online platform that offers courses on mobile app development.

What Should I Do To Create Mobile Applications?

The actions listed below can help you start your journey as a mobile app developer:

  • Join a programming BootCamp or program.
  • Consider education by getting a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • Study mobile app developments on online platforms.
  • Consider offering an internship or apprenticeship service in your app development career.
  • Contact employers and apply for a job or take a role as a mobile app developer for a company.
  • Do research.

Is Learning App Development Worth It?

Developing mobile applications is an excellent skill to learn, although it requires thinking skills. Considering the pay, mobile app developers earn an average salary of $73,000 annually, making them one of the highest-paid professions in the tech sector.

There are a lot of employment opportunities in mobile app development. You can be a product developer, or a web UI/UX designer or programmer. In addition, you can choose to work remotely from home as a freelancer or work for organizations.

In Summary

This piece explained the steps needed to become an app developer in detail. To become a mobile app developer, learn the required skills, pick a good platform and practice what you learned.

By Manali