Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
How to Build a Gaming PC through Computer Part Picker Site

A gaming computer can be considered a computer that is capable of playing all modern games, providing an acceptable level of comfort in this entertainment. But user requirements differ, so very different devices fall into the category of gaming PCs. For many users, it is enough for the games to play smoothly, the game world to be displayed correctly and there to be no control issues. Professional gamers (who make money from games) and those who spend a significant amount of their free time playing games have stricter requirements for PC performance. PC is a site that assists gamers to choose more suitable parts wisely.

Video Card:-

The GPU in a gaming computer is just as important, if not more so than the processor. The video card is responsible for processing the three-dimensional image and displaying it on the display. However, you simply cannot install a powerful graphics card and save money on other hardware. The information for further processing by the GPU is prepared by the “CPU + RAM” package, which in turn receives data from the drive (HDD and SSD). A feeble CPU will not let you to set free the latent of a gaming video card.


The motherboard is the key component of the whole system. It is responsible for the interaction of all computer components. Socket names starting with AM, FM and S – support AMD processors starting with LGA processors – Intel.

The manufacturers, using the word gaming in the name of the product, directly suggest that, based on such a board, you can create a powerful gaming platform. Such systems boast a high bus frequency, support for DDR4 RAM format that works in dual channel mode, the presence of SATA3 connectors that offer bandwidth up to 6Gb / s (which involves the use of solid state SSDs), may have a system fluid cooling or fittings for connecting such systems.


When choosing RAM, the main thing is to consider the compatibility of generations and operating frequencies. For example, sixth-generation Intel Core i7 processors (and compatible motherboards) work with DDR4 RAM and AMD FX 8xxx – DDR3. DDR4 memory is faster, however not supported by every processor.

The amount of RAM is limited by the wallet and the number of slots on the system board. RAM is a resource that is never enough. Therefore, 8 GB of RAM or 32 should be installed – it is up to the users to decide.

Storage Devices:-

Hard drives are gradually losing ground under the pressure of rapidly falling prices, gaining capacity and becoming more reliable SSDs. Because you can’t build a powerful gaming computer without a high-speed storage drive, you can’t do without an SSD in a gaming computer. A storage capacity of 256 or 512 GB is sufficient for Windows and gaming installations, and for multimedia content (music, movies), you can install a spacious HDD of 2, 3 or more terabytes in parallel. The capacity of up to date HDDs has by now attain 10 TB.

By Manali