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Fortunately, addiction treatment involves more and more people with the problem. At the same time, awareness is also rising regarding the diagnosis of excessive drinking and the use of consciousness-altering measures as a disease. We write about what to do next after the diagnosis, how to choose treatment options, therapies, and how to choose a good addiction center in the following text.

For starters – diagnosis

Many people in today’s society drink alcohol or take other substances. Professional diagnosis can help to find out if someone has a problem or not. A person diagnosed as addicted by a professional therapist, e.g. at a consultation point or in an addiction therapy center, may choose several ways of recovery. They will all rely on outside help.

Why does an addicted person need therapeutic help?

The alcoholic or drug addict cannot help himself. Needs an environment that is conducive to and supports the behavior of abstinence. The beginnings are not easy – you have to be motivated, learn about your mechanisms, and accept the fact that you are a sick person. The first and often the most difficult step will surely be making a decision to treat your addiction.

Alcohol rehab

Another important stage is going through the so-called detox, i.e. alcohol or drug addiction. The human body who consumes excessive amounts of drugs or alcohol is simply poisoned. When an addict goes into detoxification, he is usually in a critical phase for the body, very often close to exhaustion. Therefore, detoxification should take place in safe conditions, with the help of a specialist and appropriately selected pharmacological treatment. This can take place in the so-called detoxification wards in hospitals, addiction therapy centers or at home under the supervision of a doctor.

There are various programs offered by different rehab centers pertaining to this. For example, if you
think that you do not need the constant supervision of the experts, you can choose a rehab center
that offers the outpatient facility at its best. But if you think you or your loved one will be needing
constant guidance from experts to recover from addictions, you can go ahead with the facilities like
inpatient treatment at WhiteSands that would be a perfect fit in such cases.

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Alcohol rehab, which is important in these early days, serves, among other things, to control the urge to drink or take. “The first dose is too much, and a thousand is never enough” – as we read in the texts of the 12-step programs. The idea is to either stop taking your first dose or drink your first sip. After mastering these first cravings, therapeutic support will be needed, because then the patient’s psyche begins to persistently demand anesthesia.

Choosing an addiction therapy center

The selection of treatment for a drug addiction center is quite an important element. Centers differ in duration, therapy plan, rhythm of the day, and even the age profile of addicts. If you are located in Utah – check Cirque Lodge which is luxury center with drug and alcohol rehab offer.

There are programs aimed exclusively at adolescents, in which the therapy is based on a correction group, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and school activities.

Most centers, however, are aimed at adults. It works with patients’ families, there are additional activities (sports, developmental, sometimes art therapy). Institutions where therapy takes place vary in duration. In some places, therapy may last 12 months, in others 6 months, depending on the profile of the center, sometimes even 24 months. There are also places where the duration of treatment is much shorter (8 weeks), but in these places there is intensive group and individual therapy lasting at least 6 hours a day. Additionally, it is supplemented with sports activities (football, swimming pool) and AA or NA meetings.

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