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You are on YouTube but you need to understand that search engines are master kings when it comes to generating organic traffic and videos. Always publish the best content but don’t forget to optimize them for SEO. A lot of people think that SEO optimization is just for the content of the text but the truth is that even consumers of video content love searching for the videos using keywords. Your video must have the identifiers or keywords that search engines can easily identify to expose videos to the user. Without proper video optimization, you cannot get organic views unless you buy a viewer bot like the twitch viewer bot but for YouTube. 

Use Keywords as Needed 

When forming a video, ask yourself and contemplate what viewers could search for when looking at videos like yours. Through that, you can then formulate a keyword and include it in several parts of your video. The first part to include a keyword is the title. Any title with a keyword of the video content will enable search engines to reveal it as one of the results when someone searches the related keyword. You can also include the keyword on the video description so that you make the video more discoverable by the search engines. 

Transcribe Your Video 

After you are done making the video, make sure you prepare a text for the same. This text serves to make the video easily discoverable because the search engine can reveal both the video and the text article. Make sure you include keywords on the texts so that search engines can use the keywords to avail the video to potential users. You will have excellent outcomes when transcribing your videos because even those who cannot watch the video, can read the texts and understand what is contained in the video. 

Use the Google Trending Ads 

Trending Ads are the ads that people search for every minute. Take for example the Ukraine war which got the attention of the whole world and people couldn’t spend an hour without searching the updates. As a YouTube guru, you can use that trending moment to seek ads and add to your videos. This means you enhance the probability of being found every minute the person searches for the ad. You can as well use Google keyword planner to ensure you know the rocking keywords that people frequently search. If you see things are not going as you plan, you can buy YouTube likes so that you enhance your reach online.


There is a need to make sure you optimize your videos for organic views and subscribers. Always make sure you market your videos so that more people get to see them. You can only relax when you know have made a lot of subscribers that can directly watch your content and share when you publish it. Due to the ever-growing competition, you need to make sure you have excellent strategies to make sure you enhance your followers. You can even market your videos on social media or collaborate with top influencers so that you make ends meet. Starting and growing a YouTube channel is not easy so make sure you brace for the tough fight of winning and retaining followers online.

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