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Maintaining a home in tip-top shape is no mean feat. In fact, it costs between 1% to 4% of the entire value of the home each year. This will usually cover all the repairs, cleaning, and replacements your home may need. And, every once in a while, you may need a house washing service to either prepare your house for sale or just make it cleaner and more appealing.

While it might not seem too challenging to complete by yourself, hiring a professional cleaning company will provide a better result, and you are covered in case anything goes wrong. Once you have decided on a particular house washing service, it is important to make necessary arrangements before they arrive. This article will act as a useful reference for how you need to prepare your home ahead of its cleaning.

Inspect the Exterior

Taking a good look at your house’s exterior is crucial before the cleaning company begins its work. In many scenarios, you will find signs of problems that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. This inspection can also help you uncover cracks in the doors, broken windows, and leaks in the plumbing system and have them fixed well before the cleaning starts.

Keep Children And Pets Away

In case you have small children or pets, ensure that they stay out of the cleaners’ way to avoid injuries from slippery floors and the like. If you are getting pressure washing, the force exerted by the equipment can cause serious harm when pointed at a human or animal body. This is due to the kinetic energy the pressure water produces while washing your home which can be invasive when in contact with your body.

Keep the House Shut

Before the cleaning starts, ensure all the windows and doors are closed, and no water can enter inside. Ensure there are no cracks or openings that may leave your house vulnerable to water damage from the excess water that comes through the nozzle. You should seal off cracks on the windows or the wood siding of your door before the project starts.

Also, close your garage door and ensure any damages are fixed before the cleaning so that little to no water can enter your garage. If you have a pet shelter, cover it off to keep it from the invasive pressure of the pressure washer.

Remove Things Close to the House

Just before beginning the washing process, get all your furniture from the patio or the clothes on the line into your house. You don’t want your dry furniture getting soaked from the pressurized water. Also, this water may contain detergent components that can affect your clothes negatively. Collect all toys that are lying around and secure them in one area.

If your home’s exterior is clutter-free, the cleaners can focus on their job instead of taking breaks to move things out of their way. Providing a clear area for their work will save time and prevent confusion.

Ensure Electricals Are Away From the Work Area

Electricity does not go well with water and each time they come in contact, it is a catastrophic experience. Many homes have outlets outside the home that might be at risk of water exposure during the power cleaning session and can cause severe damages. Clearly marking power lines and steering clear of them can help you prevent accidents.

Keep the Water Sources Accessible

The water used for your house washing will most probably come from your compound. This is because it is not cost-effective for the washer to carry their water each time they are at the job site. To make this option work best, keep a water source open to allow the cleaner to easily access it. This will make the job faster while cutting on your power washing costs.

Cover Your Plants

While it is easy to move potted plants away from the worksite, this method cannot work for flowers and plants growing on your lawn near the house. Cover these with hard waterproof plastic to prevent the pressure from affecting the plants and destroying the look of your lawn. 

The process of cleaning your house can take an hour or so depending on how big your home is. And the number of cleaners on site. Ensure you take the necessary precautions to prevent any mishaps during or after the house washing service.

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