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Park View City

Park View City is a CDA approved, attractive residential complex in Islamabad’s zone IV created by Vision Group. A 400-foot-wide Main Boulevard runs across the housing society, providing direct access from the highway as well as Kurri Road and Banigala. This housing enterprise is well-known in the area for its beautiful views and high-end amenities. It is intended for families that want to live in a safe, family-friendly community with a futuristic concept and spectacular vistas.

Owners & developers

Park View City, Islamabad’s most sought-after housing society, was created by Vision Group with modern architecture and technology. Aleem Khan, a PTI member is the owner of Vision Group. First project of Vision Group in Islamabad.

NOC Status & Permissions

The CDA approved this society’s NOC and all required planning licences on June 1, 2018. We can use the NOC’s leading site to verify the NOC’s comprehensive data (CDA).

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Total Area and Location:

Because it is spread out over 7000 Kanal of land with many residential and business blocks, Society attracts individuals from all walks of life. This society epitomises luxury and tranquilly. It is near Bahria Enclave, surrounded by the beautiful vegetation of Bani Gala with one of the most breathtaking landscapes, and only a few minutes from the heart of Islamabad city. Park View City Islamabad is a terrific spot to call home because it is close to all of the city’s important attractions while remaining free of the city’s traffic and vibration.

Amenities and Facilities:

Park View City is a fantastic housing society with unparalleled amenities and a well-thought-out design. Each communal unit is created with a unique perspective and function in mind to provide residents with an exciting living experience.

Park View Imax Theatres

The city will be a picture of elegance and fun, with IMAX and 3D theatres providing an unsurpassed cinematic experience.

Walk through the commercial district

Commercial zones, include some of the most well-known retail brands, will cater to all of your needs while ensuring that you have the most enjoyable and convenient shopping experience imaginable.

Zoos and Parks

Zoos, parks, and other enjoyable activities are all part of society’s goal to provide enjoyment to people of all ages.

Club & Community Center

Variety of indoor and outdoor sports at the society’s club and community centre, including bowling, private pools, cricket, tennis, and golf.


 The project would construct a massive, specifically constructed hospital that would use modern-day machines and cutting-edge technology to speed up the treatment of health problems.


The community will have top schools and academic institutions that provide the greatest curriculum in close proximity to the residential blocks, ensuring that they are easily accessible and on the shortest way possible.

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Beautiful mosques will be included in a one-of-a-kind housing concept designed to maintain religious values and significance.

A gated community

 Park city is a completely secure and protected neighbourhood surrounded by a boundary wall. The adjacent communities of Park View are not completely covered, and this neighbourhood has even prohibited the side nearest to the national forest region.


24/7 Water, gas, and electricity are the three main sources of energy.

View from the park

 The project would offer electricity, water, and gas to all sectors of the population 24 hours a day, which Islamabad prioritises. No Load Shedding Zone

The construction of the river dam will contain an electricity producing facility to ensure a sufficient supply of electricity, ensuring that the society is free of load shedding.

Electricity Supply from Below

Every electric operation in society is planned underground to avoid power outages. Underground cables are much safer and add a more enticing social element to the mix.

Surveillance 24 by 7

Society is worried about the protection of its citizens, thus a system of CCTV cameras has been installed around the complex.

Exquisite Housing Plan and Modern Infrastructure

This project aspires to be a watershed moment in its development by utilizing Park View City Islamabad’s gorgeous green natural surroundings. Its attraction will be enhanced by high-rise structures, contemporary infrastructure, and an appealing housing idea.

Development at the Cutting-Edge

Park View City would be a symbol of modern Pakistani civilization, with the highest level of craftsmanship and most magnificent growth.

Park View City Apartments

The addition of park view city condominiums to society will give residents with a more elegant and modern way of life as well as a higher standard of living. On the premises of these luxurious apartments, there will be a fitness centre, swimming pools, laundry service, a convenience store, and much more.

Botanical garden that is located in the city

The inclusion of a Botanical Garden distinguishes Park View from other housing societies in the area. Not only will this Botanical Garden add to the project’s natural beauty, but it will also improve soil fertility. A vast array of plants, garden herbs, and uncommon species from around the world will be on display in the greenhouse. There will also be nurseries and green buildings where society’s most extraordinary exotic plants and flowers will be grown and nurtured. An organic food store will be established in society to provide organic produce for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

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