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Prime Dental Turkey is a chain of contemporary dental clinics in İzmir that offers professional medical assistance with the installation of dental implants for both foreign patients and Turkey residents. Our multi-year experience enables us to use the latest technologies and protocols to help you start smiling with confidence again. Every day a lot of international patients are coming to our clinics from all over the world. You can choose the dates for traveling to Turkey and undergoing the treatment dates depending on your needs. We will take care of arranging your trip ‒ from meeting you at İzmir airport to booking all the necessary transfers between the clinic and the hotel.

Why choose Prime Dental Turkey clinics in Izmir?

  • Cutting-edge high-tech equipment.Prime Dental Turkey chain of clinics in Izmir is perfectly equipped to perform all types of dental services. Once you have chosen the suitable dates of your trip and treatment, visit us and let our professional specialists help you regain your beautiful smile.
  • English-speaking specialist team. Our dentists and staff who are fluent in English will provide you with the dental treatment you need. Being represented by well-trained and dedicated professionals, our team will help you notwithstanding the complexity of your situation and will give you a free professional consultation on further dental treatment.
  • Professional work experience. We have a considerable experience in treating patients with dental fear. In our clinics, patients always feel good, calm, and comfortable throughout the treatment and placement of dental implants.


Immediate Implant Treatment in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s leaders in delivering dental treatment thanks to international financing and steady development of the local dentistry. Today Prime Dental Turkey chain of dental clinics in Izmir offers its patients a wide range of dental services.

Dental implants are made of titanium or a titanium-based alloy. Why do most dental implant manufacturers prefer titanium? Firstly, this metal has unbeatable anticorrosion properties. Secondly, it is a biologically compatible material that never gets rejected by the body. Last but not least, titanium’s characteristics are almost equal to those of human bone tissue.

In the process of selecting a dental implant, one should consider the shape of such a construction.

  • Contemporary dentistry uses root-shaped implants. They resemble threaded cylinders and even look like self-driving screws to some extent. Essentially, such implants’ shape is very similar to that of natural teeth, which enables them to show the best performance. Sometimes, the implantation can be performed only after the jawbone density is improved.
  • The second type comprises dental implants that get installed in case of an extremely thin jawbone. The construction gets fixed beneath the gum, between the bone and the periosteum (a layer of dense connective tissue that covers the surface of a tooth root). Such implants occupy a fairly large area, which allows them to securely hold the denture in place.
  • The third implant type is used if the tooth root is preserved. The implant gets installed into the bone tissue through the apex of the root, which helps to considerably shorten the post-implantation healing time.


Innovative methods of dental implantation in Izmir

Let’s study dental implantation techniques used in Izmir clinics used when several teeth are missing or in case of total adentia.

The most widespread method is one-stage implantation with immediate loading (also known as express implantation, single-phase, Immediate Load, minimally invasive implantation). This technique means that the prostheses will be fixed on the implants on the second or the third day and not in six months’ time.

More info:

  • All-on-4.The artificial teeth get installed on 4 implants: 2 in the frontal area and 2 in the lateral area.
  • All-on-6. In this protocol, 6 implants are used: 2 implants are placed in the frontal area, and 4 implants are placed in the lateral area. Such an approach ensures a more secure fixation of the prosthesis, helping the load to be distributed more evenly. This implantation technique can be opted for even in case of bone tissue atrophy.
  • Basal complex (all-on-8).Basal implantation can be used in the presence of severe bone loss, as well as in case of advanced periodontal diseases. The number of implants is increased to 8-12 per arch. Some of them are installed vertically while others are placed at an angle. The doctor defines the installation area using CT-based 3D technologies and depending on the volume and quality of the jawbone. An increased number of implants improves the support of the prostheses, and enhances the load on the jawbone making it work more efficiently. The implant installation is less traumatic comparing to traditional implantation because it is performed without incisions, just by making a pirce and screwing the implant in. The implantation can be started 3 days after the root placement.
  • 3-on-6.Artificial teeth are placed on 6 bridges. There are 3 bridges in the upper jaw (2 upper lateral bridges and 1 frontal bridge) and 3 bridges in the lower jaw (2 lower lateral bridges and 1 frontal bridge). This technology is the most advanced among all the other existing protocols.


By Manali