Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Do you or your loved ones suffer from an injury caused by the negligence of a medical practitioner or the standard of care wasn’t ensured by an institution or your healthcare provided and you want to claim for damages but you don’t know how to go about it? Then, worry no more as all these will be provided solutions for in this post. 

Suing for medical malpractice is one of the toughest lawsuits and requires painstaking effort and conciseness on the part of the plaintiff. 

Below are the pros and cons of hiring a medical mistake attorney

Pros Of Hiring A Medical Malpractice Lawyer 

Medical malpractice is a specialized area that requires some level of expertise to get the least success of a claim. While many may DIY with filing their malpractice suit, it’s the best advice if you hire an expert medical malpractice lawyer to do the same for you. These are the benefits of hiring a medical malpractice lawyer for your suit. 

Communication With The Necessary Party 

As an expert, your attorney knows the quarter to go when filing the suit, who to communicate and when and how to carry out an efficient communication. 

It’s very hard and stressful to negotiate with insurance companies and being inexperienced may cause you a lot of trouble. Hiring a medical malpractice lawyer will save you these troubles which will allow you to focus on rehabilitation or taking care of yourself. 

Also, if the lawyer is representing your loved ones or family member, it will ensure some level of peace while also ensuring that your loved one can undergo therapies and treatment programs without needing to practically prove to the insurance company what your healthcare provider did wrong. 

Ability To Know The Reward For Claims 

There is no standard rule for what reward a plaintiff may claim for the damages and injury caused to him by professional negligence and as such will warrant certain calculations to get the right amount provided.  

Certain factors influence these calculations such as type of injury, consequences or harm suffered, and lack of standard of care from the health provider. Hiring a malpractice lawyer will ensure that all these are put in place before filing your lawsuit or claiming damages. 

Fast-Tracking Your Claims Process 

Medical malpractice claims are very complex to process, having an expert medical malpractice lawyer carrying out that for you will help accelerate the whole process. 

Also, your attorney will be willing to represent you in and out of court whether the claims go to trial or end up as a settlement negotiation. 

Paying Legal Fees Through Medical Malpractice Contingency Fee 

Many malpractice lawyers represent their clients on a contingency basis which means that you don’t have to pay them until you win your case or settlement. The standard of the contingency fee is between 30% to 33% of the total damages claimed or more depending on your state or the law firms you hired. 

This contingency fee will ensure that your financial status doesn’t impede you from claiming your right.

Cons Of Hiring A Medical Malpractice Lawyer 

  • Hiring a medical malpractice lawyer is expensive if you’re trying to pay upfront and even paying by contingency fee also costs and will significantly reduce your take home at the end of the suit. 
  • Larger firms may not have the time and dedication to pursue your claims thereby leading to loss of the lawsuit or getting lesser compensation than you should.

By Manali