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Morning breakfast is the most significant mealtime of the day, as you have undoubtedly heard from everybody. Most parents find it challenging to feed their toddlers, especially with a healthy breakfast, because it is when they are most drowsy and cranky. But it would help if you fed your kids well in the morning for their healthy lifestyle. However, if the food you cook is tasty and healthy, you may feed your toddler well. South Indian cuisine is incredibly delicious and diverse because it includes dishes from all five South Indian states.

Here, we’ll talk about several South Indian Food Recipes for Kids that you may serve for breakfast.

  1. Medu Vada: An excellent lentils fritter from South Indian cuisine, medu vada is crunchy, puffy, and tender. Try making these delicious spiced doughnuts from black gramme lentils and flavorful ingredients instead of a sweet breakfast if you wish. Lentils that have been soaked for the night should be ground into a paste, which you should deep fry by giving it a shape of a doughnut. The combination of Vada and Sambar feels fantastic; this is how your Medu Vada is ready to eat.
  • Butter Masala DosaAdd urad dal, rice, and methi to a container. Rinse a couple more times, then soak for two hours in clean water. Blend all of them after keeping them for at least one hour. Put the batter in a container. Add rice flour and combine thoroughly. Keep it overnight or for six hours, cover it and ferment it. At a medium temperature, preheat a dosa pan. Apply a small amount of oil to a cast-iron pan before using it, and then use a kitchen towel or tissue to remove any extra fat. Avoid greasing a nonstick tawa or pan if possible. Take a ladleful of mixture and distribute it as thinly as possible in a clockwise direction once the pan is hot. Butter should be added to dollops and smeared all over the dosa.

Pour 1 or 2 tablespoons of green chutney as soon as you notice those crusty golden patches. After that, add potato bhaji to one-half of the dosa and turn it over. This is the safest breakfast for Kids option, which they’ll enjoy.

  • Idli: One of the healthiest and most well-liked South Indian breakfast foods is the idli. There are two different forms of idli: Rava idli and rice idli. It only requires soaking the rice overnight and making a paste the following day. In the market, you can quickly get idli cooking stands. Fill them with the batter and steam them for 10 to 15 minutes. You can now eat your idli. The entire technique is the same if you want to provide your kids with Rava idli; substitute Rava for the rice. These bouncy, lightweight and soft idlis are delicious and highly healthful when paired with tamarind chutney, coconut chutney, and vegetable sambar.
  • Upma: Besides being famous in South India, upma is also well-liked in other parts of India and far beyond. There are several ways to make this classic South Indian breakfast with Rava or cream of wheat. Tomato Upma, Bread Upma, Idli Upma, Oats Upma, etc., are popular versions you can try serving from a plate. It can be ordered with toppings like lemon pickle, coconut chutney, and lemon slices.
  • Uttapam: An additional delightful and nourishing South Indian breakfast that is likewise quite well-liked in North Indian people. It is a well-liked food for kids’ tiffin boxes because they can eat it for breakfast and lunch. These are produced with a batter of fermented rice and urad lentils and are comparable to thick pancakes. You can taste a variety of uttapams, including those made with Rava, onions, sandwiches, wheat, and more.
  • Puttu: Steamed rice, paired with curry or ripe bananas, is one of Kerala’s most well-liked foods. This sticky rice cake is delicious when paired with vegetable curries or chutneys. This dish is easy to comprehend, doesn’t take much time to prepare, and is ideal for breakfast. The rice is prepared with coconut shavings, which distinguishes it from other dishes.
  • Curd Rice: Simple curd rice can be made by steaming rice and adding plain curd or adding ingredients such as urad dal, mustard seeds, chillies, coriander leaves, and rice to a seasoning mixture. As it is beneficial for digestion, it has several health advantages. It is the perfect breakfast for kids because it contains no solid spices or ingredients. It is also a simple, quick, tasty, and healthy breakfast for Kids option for toddlers.
  • Khara Pongal: Rice and yellow moong lentils are the main ingredients in Khara, also known as Ven Pongal, a traditional breakfast dish in South India. The recipe is full of flavor and protein; the contents claim that your kids will love it. It is a savory food that resembles pudding, and you can add spices like chili, black pepper, butter, and asafoetida to enhance the flavor. You can experiment with varieties like Rava Pongal, Sweet Pongal, and Chakkara Pongal. Only when eaten warm does Pongal taste its greatest. Make sure to immediately transfer the Pongal to an enclosed casserole after cooking it so that you may enjoy a hot supper whenever it’s time for breakfast!


Everybody needs to begin their day with a nutritious breakfast. What could be nicer than something incredibly delicious? When you’re concerned about providing breakfast for toddlers, the South Indian Food Recipes for Kids suggested above are also excellent. Some of them are simple to prepare and mess-free meals that your child may take with ease even to school. For more Indian recipes like this, follow the Spicyum page, where you can find more South Indian recipes like this that are easy to follow.

By Manali