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A GRO, a Saudi citizen, manages the government relations process. A gro firm is responsible for managing the whole process from start to end, from document collection through application processing to attestation and translation. As a result, it is critical that their GRO is fluent in Arabic and English, has a valid Saudi driver’s license, and well-versed in Saudi labor legislation. As a result, they may avoid delays and errors in the process and stay current on new laws and regulations that may affect their business by using a GRO.

As a GRO member

The GRO is charged with a wide variety of functions, including but not limited to the following:

  • Ascertain those corporate licenses are renewed promptly.
  • The applicant must submit the required documentation to the Ministry of Labor in order to apply for a visa.
  • License applications involve the submission of the necessary documentation to the licensing authority.
  • They may represent their firm at Embassies, Ministries, Municipalities, Police Stations, and Airports.

  • Make every effort to assist with business car registration and renewal.
  • Inquire about validating their workers’ qualifications.
  • Records about visa administration must be updated.
  • Regularly provide updates and guidance on new regulations released by government authorities.
  • Payment in full of all outstanding obligations, including those to the Labor Department, visa transfers, the Labor Identification Card, bank guarantees, and medical exam

  • Prepare an invitation letter.
  • Along with the talents essential for success in the role,

In addition to the above conditions, the Saudi GRO must fulfil the following:

  • To serve as GROs in Saudi Arabia, they must be native Saudis who are proficient in Arabic and English.
  • Saudi Arabian driver’s licence in good standing
  • Access to a diverse spectrum of government departments and extensive network infrastructure.

Why is GRO critical for Saudi Arabia’s most significant gro companies?

Obtaining a platinum Nitaqat grade from the Saudi government is one of the several benefits of complying with the country’s stringent standards. Nonetheless, it reduces the likelihood of legal action. A GRO is well-versed with the Saudi market, its regulations, and the kind of company in which they operate. They’ll assist them in obtaining the permits, licenses, and visas necessary to remain on the right side of the law. Additionally, its GRO will monitor renewal dates to guarantee that licenses and visas are renewed on time and without incurring penalties.

Due to the frequent errors made by inexperienced in-house workers in government operations management, a GRO may assist limit legal risks. As a result, businesses should adopt a GRO to keep their staff focused on their core competencies and to avoid legal liabilities.

To stay at pace with the continual changes in Saudi Arabia’s economic climate, firms need support in adapting to the ever-changing terrain. Consequently, GROs can respond more swiftly and aid businesses in embracing new technologies and avoiding ambiguity.

What are the GRO suppliers’ responsibilities?

This position’s primary role is to engage with the Human Resources department on the processing and acquisition of all employee visas and labor cards and other public relations initiatives linked with these processes. Additionally, they should guarantee that any new employees employed by this firm comply with KSA government guidelines and employment laws.

One must be totally accountable for any labor law and regulatory violations. They will ensure that all relevant documentation is completed and filed on schedule and that all necessary visas are granted. They will need to connect with the proper government authorities in order to get visas, licenses, and sponsorship.

Principal Responsibilities include the following:

• Oversees the processing of visa applications and their submission to immigration and labor agencies for the following: KSA employment visas (new and renewal/transfer visas), visit visas (for tourists and business travelers), and overseas visas (for business travelers).

• Assist staff in comprehending the nuances of each kind of visa and the associated procedures and documentation.

• Respond as soon and efficiently as feasible to general enquiries concerning PRO functions in order to enhance the overall quality of department service.

• Maintain current trade licenses and other government certificates for all legal entities of the firm by renewing, updating, and keeping such documents regularly.

• Renewal and maintenance of all corporate leases, including office space and company housing, prior to their expiry.

• Keep a record of all employees, including their visa details and renewal status, and ensure that they are notified immediately before their visas expire.

• Assist and advise employees in renewing visas for their immediate dependents, giving critical information on visa requirements and paperwork requirements.

• Establish processes for handling attestation of personnel credentials on a need-to-know basis.

• Accurate document writing in conformity with legal regulations.

• Maintain the secrecy and security of all business and employee documents at all times.

• Continually advise government agencies on the implementation of new rules.

• Continue to offer frequent updates on the visa procedure’s advancement and the ease of communicating with government officials.


Every Saudi Arabian company, regardless of whether they already have one or plan to hire one in the near future, must employ a Government Relations Officer (GRO). It is unfortunate that many businesses that are new to Saudi Arabia are not aware with the notion of a GRO service in the country. If they had previously worked in the Middle East, they will, nevertheless, identify the service as being provided by PRO.

The changing nature of the Saudi market, as well as the implementation of new reforms, may make it difficult for businesses to adjust, and without adequate guidance, businesses may encounter difficulties. General representatives are aware with Saudi rules and legislation, which allows them to react quickly and assist firms in changing and avoiding complications. Additionally, one’s GRO will evaluate their company’s performance in the Saudi market in order to guarantee that they can continue to do business in the Kingdom as a respected organization.

That is why it is critical to do gro outsourcing in Saudi Arabia.

By Manali