Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

These days in India there are a lot of herbs been using for various diseases 

According to Ayurveda there are a lot of plants and herbs are available with great medicinal benefits and effective effect on human body for treating various kind of diseases

Herbs has a lot of qualities, a lot of different  kind of tastes , a lot of different kind of actions and potency etc and they works specifically according to different body types 

In India you can see there are a lot of herbs that has been used widely for various purposes and mostly herbs you can find in Himalaya , Asian regions. Most famous herb is shilajit, shilajit natural is very tough to find in the market.

Himalaya consists of rich variety of herbs

Some of them are

  • Shilajit- It is a mineral based extract consisting of 50+ substances inside it and also so many active components inside it with great and effective properties and consists of fulvic acid inside it. It has anti- oxidant , anti- inflammatory and anti- aging properties which have increased its demand

It is mainly obtained in sticky form tar form in blackish and brownish color and mainly obtained from the Himalayan regions

Mainly used to treat inflammation and various other diseases. It also shows great effects in skin whitening and many more other benefits. You can check shilajit reviews before purchasing it.

  • Aconitum Ferox – It is a herb with great benefits , it is mainly found in Darjeeling. It is one the most powerful and very effective plants with great benefits and also used for treating so many diseases. It works as the best antidote against so many poisons and shows great effects against poisons . It works very instantly and spontaneously which is the best part of it.

It works well against so many diseases , fights against inflammation , and works well in joint pain .

Those who are suffering from breathing issues, cough, aconitum Ferox works well against such.

Those who are suffering from anxiety are also beneficial.

Various diseases such as Gout, cough, asthma it is also beneficial.

You can found easily this plant in Himalaya region and commonly used as an antidote against poisons

  • Hemp agrimony – This is also a medicinal plant with great effects and action against so many diseases . You can find it easily in Himalayan regions. It consists of a lot of active components inside it . This plant is used for the blood purification and also to stop the excessive bleeding. It is diuretic in nature and actions. Along with such actions it is used for various diseases such as influenza

You can have it in so many forms , decoction, juice etc

  • Clematis buchananiana – It is also a medicinal herb which you can find easily in Himalayan region . It is also significant in so many diseases and shows great effects and actions. It is used to treat headache , digestive issues etc

It is extensively used for wound healing and pain.

It also helps in reducing inflammation as it has anti- inflammatory properties.

By Manali