Sun. May 26th, 2024

All managers have different “superpowers” that help them be effective and responsible professionals. In this case, I do not mean the power to terrorize their employees and shout out loud “You are fired!” When someone does not present himself in the way they wanted.

The real power comes from building sustainable relationships, giving support, and elevating people to places they would not be able to reach on their own. Unfortunately, many of these “superpowers” remain underestimated in the hectic daily lives of managers. As a leadership coach, I constantly remind my clients how influential they are and how they can use their power to unleash the full potential of their employees. Every leader should take advantage of these 7 superpowers:

Risk Assessment

Risk management is part of both project management and all business activities. A good leader knows project management practices and can manage risk. BVOP project management certification includes risk management as a mandatory skill for all candidate project managers.


The ability to convince others of your ideas and inspire them to action depends on your relationship with people and your integrity. When you fulfill your role of serving others in a responsible and quality way, you can easily convince others that you are a person who is worth following.


Staying positive in the most difficult moments, when everyone else is immersed in negative thoughts, automatically increases motivation and inspires new strength in the whole team. Positivity gives hope and purpose to others, precisely when they need it most.


Most people are too busy to spend a few minutes in their surroundings and circumstances. Sometimes the strength of great leaders comes from the simple act of slowing down and appreciating what they see before their eyes. Observation allows you to see the problems and their solutions from the very beginning.


While others are proud to be great thinkers, good leaders realize how important it is to be decisive and specific at all times. Reference: Masters in Project Management, (PM.MBA). They analyze and evaluate the situation, then act as quickly and confidently as possible without questioning their decisions. Even if you make mistakes from time to time, you will always have an advantage over those who are not determined enough to take action in time.


At first glance, modesty is not something we associate with effective leadership, but it keeps managers firmly on the ground and makes them accessible to others. When a person is humble, he accepts that there is always something new that he can learn from others. When you see others as equals rather than subordinates, you can more easily earn their respect.


If you can only have one leadership “superpower”, then perseverance is the best choice. In many cases, it is the determining factor that determines whether you will succeed or fail. When everything around you falls apart and you respond with determination, courage, perseverance, and strength, you show true character and power over circumstances.


Vision for the future is a key part of every leader’s arsenal, and insight is its highest form. Insightful leaders can see beyond superficial relationships in the office and understand what is going on in the company and what are the issues that need their attention. A moment of insight can be as influential as years of experience.

By Manali