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Choosing a transcribing service is seldom easy. It is possible to provide the same service in-house with your personnel. Still, the intricacy and time commitment required to transcribe data might take a toll on your employees and cause your business operations to suffer as a consequence. Doubtful that hiring a professional transcription provider to transcribe your organization’s records is a good idea? Consider the following five tips if you’re looking for quality transcription services in London to assist your organization with its transcribing requirements:

It’s A Cheaper Choice

The expense of using a transcribing service is a substantial stumbling hurdle for many businesses. You may think it’s an out-of-pocket expenditure that you can’t afford at the moment but using a transcribing service might save your firm money in the long run. Paying your staff as they transcribe extended amounts of data when working on other tasks may not be an option for you. Unloading transcription projects onto your staff can overwhelm them, causing other aspects of your company to feel the strain. Luckily, professional transcription services handle large-scale transcribing jobs. They have transcribed various papers before and can do it quickly since they are well experienced. Additionally, it will expedite and improve the accuracy of your files, saving you money and time in the long run compared to having your records transcribed in-house.

Ask About Their Security Measures For Handling Customer Data

The audio information transcribed to text may not involve sensitive or secret data in specific sectors. However, many businesses that use transcription services have recordings that include personal information such as social security numbers, health details, and bank account numbers. Especially in the insurance sector, recorded statements include a great deal of sensitive and individually identifying information that must be protected (PII). If your company is one of them, you must work with a transcription team that puts a high value on data security and uses technology and practices that have been well tested and documented.

Today’s hackers are well-educated. Aside from knowing which organizations to go after, they can identify the weak points in an organization’s security and proceed to commit identity thefts. Recorded statement transcription services should apply cutting-edge security measures to safeguard their clients’ personal information from when the audio files are sent until you obtain the final transcript and beyond. They must keep an eye on their systems and make adjustments to keep up with new developments in information security technologies.

Request Previously Completed Projects as References

Requesting samples and references of previous jobs is another way to identify a high-quality transcribing supplier. Customers who have worked with the company are happy to share their experiences with new clients. 

For the most part, it’s advisable to talk to current clients and see examples of their work before deciding. You want to work with a company for a long time; thus, choosing wisely is essential. Switching is a nuisance, and you want to limit the risk of a switching headache as much as possible. Marketing may inflate a business’s self-image, but real-world data from previous projects paints a far more accurate picture of how well a company performs when completing tasks.

Inquire If Their Equipment Is Up To The Task

You must be sure that the transcriptionist you employ will be able to transcribe your files accurately. They must be able to process your data more quickly and assure that the output is of a higher quality standard. Using a professional transcribing service is the best way to complete complex transcriptions in the least time possible. Instead of relying on your team to do the transcription, you can outsource the task and benefit from the resources that a transcribing business has available. Many transcription services use complicated software algorithms to deliver the quickest possible audio and video data transcription. As a result, you will be able to get your transcribed files at a reasonable price while obtaining them as quickly and error-free as feasible.

Turnaround Time

One of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a professional transcribing service is how quickly they complete the work. You must be aware of the firm’s schedule in advance, such as how long it will take them to transcribe a specific file or if their manner of operation is open-ended. You are concerned about the timetable for the job since it has the potential to create delays in your projects. Furthermore, you should check how they handle emergency directives that the service providers may issue in an unanticipated occurrence.

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