Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
dedicated servers

Do you want to build your streaming platform? If yes, then you need a Dedicated Streaming Server that offers the required bandwidth, high storage, high-performing CPU, and FAST storage speed, connected to high-speed data centres with WebCare360. Let’s discuss why Using Dedicated Streaming Servers will benefit your business:

High-Volume Web Servers- Streaming service requires high-volume traffic that a dedicated web server can only process. This can include web-based workloads with periodic, heavy spikes in demand. Dedicated servers offer the benefits of guaranteed uptime, guaranteed availability, and guaranteed resources for times when demand hits the peak.

Improved Performance- In the case of streaming, performance is everything regarding hosting. If your customers are browsing their favourite show, slow loading times and lag are probably your greatest enemies. You get access to top-notch performance, memory, RAM, and loading speeds with a dedicated server. With WebCare360, you get high performance, storage capacity, and bandwidth access to take your website and hosting needs to the next level.

Flexibility & Customization- When building a streaming service, you need a lot of flexibility and customization. Compared to other hosting options, dedicated servers give you ultimate flexibility and resilience that empowers businesses to control resources without any restrictions and can be upgraded or scaled back easily. WebCare360 dedicated servers can be customized and tailored precisely to meet your specific needs and can be fully managed remotely.

Backup Servers- In the case of building the streaming server, the most crucial factor is the backup. Anything can go wrong, due to which you can lose all the data. With WebCare360, you enjoy a complete backup, so even if anything goes unplanned, we have a backup of all your data. Dedicated help you achieve a resilient security stance and better business continuity planning.

SaaS Applications- When building your streaming server, the most important thing is that you need dedicated servers that can host B2B applications, including software-as-a-service applications. By maintaining control over how their application is hosted, they can ensure the SaaS users don’t experience periods of prolonged downtime and improved viewing experience.

Static IP Address- When it comes to hosting a streaming server, you need a static IP address. With Dedicated Streaming Servers, you get a static IP address, meaning you don’t need to update your records every time. You will have a fixed IP, and all your users will be accessible to all the catalogue of content that your streaming server has to offer.

Exclusive use of resources- When it comes to a streaming server, you get an entire server dedicated to your online hosting needs. With a dedicated server, you get maximum disk space, RAM, and bandwidth that will be focused solely on your website and your hosting needs. You also have root access to the server, meaning that you have full control of the server.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that in order to build a streaming platform you need Dedicated Streaming Servers that can process all your client’s requests simultaneously. Compared to other traditional hosting methods, this type offers a range of benefits we have discussed above.

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By Manali