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Anyone who has ever fought for justice after an injury knows how important injury lawyers are to the success of any injury case. Unlike other forms of injury law, maritime law is an extremely specialized area of law. It requires some specific sets of skills and training that only a few possess. To help you understand what maritime lawyers do, McLeod Brock explains maritime law in this post.   

To start, we will talk about the essential qualities to look out for in a maritime lawyer: 


Having the required resources is an essential part of a maritime case. In other words, the success of your case depends on your lawyer’s access to both human and material resources. So, when choosing a maritime lawyer, you need to ensure they have the required resources to handle your case. Most maritime cases often need the services of experts from other industries, so you need to make sure your lawyer has access to these people. Without these resources, the success of your case is at stake.


Experience is also essential for a maritime lawyer. An experienced maritime lawyer knows the best way to represent their client’s interests in court and what to do if the outcome of the case isn’t favorable enough for them. 

Results & Reviews

Another important factor to put into consideration when hiring a maritime lawyer is their past results and reviews. They’re good indicators that the lawyer has the potential to handle a case well. You can also try to ask if they settled in or out of court and how much the plaintiff was awarded.

Types Of Cases

It’s also advisable for you to look for a maritime lawyer who has handled your specific type of case in the past. For instance, it’s better for someone who was injured in an oil rig to choose a lawyer with a background in handling oil rig injury cases under maritime law instead of one who deals with victims of boat cruise accidents. 

Questions To Ask A Maritime Lawyer

How Long Will My Case Take?

Unlike other types of injury cases. Maritime injury cases take longer to settle. This is mainly because of how complex the accidents are and the numerous variables involved. Nevertheless, an experienced maritime injury lawyer should be able to determine how long your case will take—on average. 

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the representatives of Maritime companies and their insurance companies will also conduct their investigation, which also takes time. Still, a good lawyer should be able to provide you with a good estimate.

What Is My Case Worth?

All cases are different, so they must be individually evaluated. However, some cases share common elements that could help determine your case’s worth. Some of these include the extent of damage done and whether you’ll be able to return to your normal work after the case is settled. When you go to visit your lawyer, you should ask them to help evaluate the worth of your case based on the information you provide.

How Much Are Your Charges?

Before hiring a maritime injury, you need to discuss charges with them. It’s important to know if they’ll be able to keep working on your case until you are able to secure any justice or if they’ll demand partial or full payment first. Some maritime attorneys also work on a contingent fee basis which means they don’t get the payment if you don’t win the case, but if you do, an agreed percentage of your winnings will go to them.

Can You Handle My Case If I Live in Another State?

It is best to get a maritime attorney that is based in the state where the accident took place. However, it is possible that you can’t find a qualified one or you don’t trust the ones around. In this instance, you can hire those from nearby states or one recommended to you. 

Importantly, before going ahead to hire them, you need to ask the maritime attorney in question if they handle cases outside the state where they practice. 

The most important thing is ensuring the maritime attorney you choose has adequate knowledge of the law that guides maritime injury cases in your state. 

Do You Work With Expert Witnesses?

All experienced maritime attorneys work with expert witnesses. They understand that the services of an expert witness are important in providing unbiased evidence that influences the success of a case. You should ask your maritime attorney if they work with expert witnesses. Hiring a maritime attorney who only relies on their skills to win a case may not be a good idea. They should be able to work with other experts, all in a bid to ensure you get adequate legal representation for your case.

In conclusion, it is in your best interest not to compromise on quality when it comes to selecting the best maritime lawyer for your case. Don’t allow anyone to persuade you into working with a substandard or inexperienced lawyer. So always cross-check if the lawyer has the above-listed characteristics before hiring them.

By Manali