Sat. May 25th, 2024

Medical Cannabis Torontoproducts come in various sizes, colours and flavours. These edibles have a lot of room for customization, and with little effort, you can make such things even at your homes. One of such products is the Weed Chocolate.

When you make things with your own hands, you have control over the potencies, flavour and appearance of your edibles. Even you can choose your ratio of CBD and THC, and shape the product yourself in whatever form you want to see it. Mastering the art of making weed chocolates, you can experience a lot of fun making and consuming them.

Some Interesting Facts About Cannabis Chocolates

Weed chocolates are super-easy to make and require only a few ingredients. There is no need of using an oven or show up your baking skills. Tempering the chocolate is only the step that is a bit difficult, but can be handled with convenient techniques too. As compared to other edibles, there is no hard and fast rule of keeping the right ratio in the weed chocolate.

You can make up any ration that you want. You might need a cannabis tincture and should be careful about reading the dose instructions mentioned on the bottle. All you require is to mix the tincture directly with each chocolate instead of keeping it separate. This leads towards the right and same potency in the entire batch of chocolates that you make.

Eating chocolate has quite similar effects to consuming cannabis. There are many similarities between a cocoa plant and cannabis. This is because cocoa beans contain a compound called anandamide, which reacts directly with the human brain, the same like the psychoactive THC does. This leads towards euphoric sensations and thus, chocolate and cannabis can go together, for sure!

What is the Tempering Part in Weed Chocolate-Making?

Haven shop Toronto offers the best weed chocolates.  You can even make these chocolates yourself, going through only two steps: tempering and candy-making.

In the process of tempering, you need to ensure you don’t overheat the chocolate and melt it properly. You need to be sure about the precise temperatures and the chocolate structure itself. One of the recommended ways is to use a double boiler, however, you can still achieve a perfect chocolate tempering even in a plastic bowl.

After tempering the chocolate, you might be unsure of whether you have tempered it the right way or not. A perfectly tempered chocolate has a glossy sheen to it when it cools down and hardens, and can be easily broken when you want to do so. In the same way, improperly tempered chocolate looks dull and will easily melt away even at room temperature.

One of the most recommended chocolates to use here is dark chocolate, due to its easy-to-melt nature. White chocolate is not recommended to use as it is quite hard to break and melt. Also, you should not use chocolate chips in the entire chocolate-making mechanism if they do not contain real premium cocoa butter.

The Two Phases Explained

For getting started, you are going to require a cutting board, a plastic bowl, knife, spatula, microwave, spoon, oil, chocolate moulds, some cannabis tincture and real, premium quality real chocolate.


At first, you should chop the chocolate evenly and then put it in a plastic bowl. Now you need to heat it for around 30 seconds. Heat for 30 seconds again. Give it the right mixing, using the spatula. Heat for 15 seconds again. Stir again. Now heat again for 10 seconds and stir it well until you get a smooth mixture. Continue mixing once you get the perfect proportion. The tempering part ends here.


Spray the tempered chocolate with oil for more potency and put the mixture into the chocolate moulds, using a spoon. Add a few drops of tincture to each mould. You can also add nuts or anything that you want, according to your taste. After filling, cool it in the refrigerator for an hour. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the chocolates!

By Manali