Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Did you know that real estate activities generate around 5.5% of the overall GDP of the United Arab Emirates? Indeed! The Real Estate Sector Performance 2020 research conducted by the government of Dubai also found that the country’s economy has grown significantly with the help of real estate activities and contributed 7.2% to GDP growth in 2019 itself. No wonder it is one of the key economic sectors in Dubai and has witnessed remarkable growth in the value of sales and mortgages. If you are looking to buy a property in Dubai now, there is a luxurious market open for you. Many real estate agencies advertise Villas for sale in Dubai, helping you buy the best property to build your dream home.   

Whether you are a buyer or tenant, knowing your options well can help you make the right choice based on your budget, preferences, and location requirements. Some of the top options include townhouses, condos, villas, flats, and lofts. This article particularly focuses on villas and how they are different from a house. Let us understand more about these two types of properties. 

What is a Villa? 

The history of Villas dates back to the ancient Roman Empire when their nobility would retreat from their routine city existence to these opulent country estates. Today’s modern villa more often refers to stand-alone luxurious vacation homes with large living spaces and lavish features like a swimming pool, tennis court, garden, study, courtyards, rich furnishings, and other elegant amenities. Multiple villas are built as part of a gated community that promotes a sense of closeness as that of flats but at the same time provides the privacy that bungalows promise. 

Villa vs. House: The Top Differences

When people come across a new type of apartment, they usually compare it with a normal house to understand what features make it different and whether it is worth their investment. Similarly, when you think of buying a villa, you should know how it differs from an independent house. Read on to find out!

Independent houses are considered to be traditional living spaces that can be built anywhere. Villas are exclusively known for their luxury and elegant design and are typically built on pre-demarcated plots where residents of gated communities from similar social strata live. 

When it comes to amenities, independent houses are owned by single families who can’t afford to install luxurious features like swimming pools, sun decks, jogging lanes, gyms, lush gardens, security, and others. However, villas are often built by builders, and all these features come with it and can be shared by all villa owners of a particular community. 

As far as affordability is concerned, villas are considered an expensive housing option. As this type of residence features luxurious living, you will end up paying more for them compared to independent houses. The cost of maintenance involved in a villa is also higher compared to an independent house, where the maintenance depends on the house owner entirely.  

Next, let us take into account the location factor. As mentioned earlier, independent houses can be constructed anywhere, meaning they can be built near to the city center with easy access to malls, hospitals, supermarkets, cinemas, and sports complexes. On the other hand, villas are generally constructed in suburbs where more land area is available. Owing to this, it is a more peaceful locality than a city center but requires longer daily commutes. 

Lastly, focusing on the lifestyle, a villa is suitable for those people who love their privacy, enjoy the perks of community living like its amenities and features, and love to be around like-minded people who share similar aspirations. People who like the hustle and bustle of a city, want full control over their property, including the maintenance and security, and do not have specific preferences regarding the neighbors find an independent house more suitable for them. 

Having understood the difference between a villa and an independent house, you can now make the right choice and start your home hunt. You can always turn to reliable real estate agencies if you don’t have enough time to search the property on your own. 

By Manali