Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Many Indian entrepreneurs want to create or expand their business in the American market. USAIndiaCFO specializes in helping entrepreneurs’ company registration in USA from India, we’d like to share some ideas you should consider. First of all, to register a company in the USA it is not necessary to present any documents, only some basic information. Additional documents are only required if you want to open a bank account, but not for business registration.

Choice of entity type

LLCs and C-Corporations are the two options available to foreigners when starting a business in the United States. Because of their simplicity, flexibility, and single taxation, LLCs are the most popular choice for our foreign clients. C-Corporation is primarily chosen by young entrepreneurs seeking venture capital investment or financing. Once this is done, it is up to you to decide whether your company will be CORP (corporation) or LLC, the choice of many foreigners is for the first model mentioned. This is because the LLC requires an annual tax return from all partners, while in CORP, this procedure is only necessary in the case of distribution of profits among the shareholders. 

Firstly, as a foreigner, you are not required to have a Social Security Number (SSN) to start your business and obtain your EIN (Federal Business Tax Number). It is also not necessary to have a US address, however, if you wish, you can get them from specialist suppliers. US bank account is a bit of a complicated topic. Some companies promise to help international customers open a US bank account remotely, but we advise customers to beware of those who say they can help in this way.

What Licenses and Permissions Are Typically Necessary to Start a Company?

Before beginning operations, a business must register and get the necessary licenses and authorizations from the nations, states, and municipalities in which it plans to do business. Registrations and approvals are required in any jurisdiction where a corporation has sales activity, employees, or physical assets. Various registrations and permits may be necessary, depending on the industry, operation, location, and products and services of the business.

In addition to these, other essential steps are also necessary to enter the US market. Check out: 

  • Have an account opened in an American bank: Transactions made by your business will be made through this account;
  • Having an address in the United States: This can be both physical and digital, making it possible to open a virtual office, as already mentioned;
  • Having a Sales Tax: It is nothing more than a document that allows you to collect and transfer taxes on your company’s products.  
  • Register your company in a US state: This process must be done to create a legal entity that is, supported by the registration of some legal authority. This is done by registering with the State Department of Corporations. 

The process of incorporate company in USA is simply one of many stages that must be taken before a company may be established. All jurisdictions in which a legal organization works are subject to regulation, including permission and license requirements. For a firm to remain in good standing, it must ensure that all of its licenses, permits and legal status are up to date. For a business to succeed, it must understand these prerequisites.

By Manali