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Many people do not know what a slab leak is but one way or the other might have experienced something like that without even knowing that it is a slab leak. Research shows that nearly 20% of houses built and have their plumbing works tend to experience slab leaks. However, it is not something that should make you fret. 

In this article you would get to understand what a slab leak is, the possible causes and what to do when you experience something like this. Also, you can contact plumbing services in Staten island New York for your plumbing solutions.

What Is A Slab Leak?

As said earlier, many people do not recognize it as a slab leak but one way or the other, they might have experienced something like it. Let’s get this explanation in the most simple terms; have you ever seen your walls start to crack? Or you notice that the floor begins to get cold and then looks like there is a build up of water beneath? This is exactly what a slab leak is like.

At this point, it is said that the soil beneath is unstable and has expanded beyond the normal. Let’s get to find out more on the causes of a slab leak.

Causes Of A Slab Leak

There are two major causes of slab leaks and they are:

Faulty plumbing pipes

The plumbing pipes that are being used due to its kind of texture might contribute to the build up of water underneath the house. Asides from the fact that the material the pipe is made from can cause a slab leak, if the connection is faulty, it can also cause a slab leak. One thing to note is that all of these do not happen in a day as it may have been building up before it causes a major damage.

Soil expansion

Soil expansion is said to be the major cause of slab leaks. Research has shown that nearly 25% of leaks occur are caused by unstable soil. When the soil keeps expanding, there is a tendency that water begins to build up gradually, which if not detected on time may cause damage to the foundation of the house.

Signs Of A Slab Leak

If you notice any of these things in your house then there is a potential slab leak:

  • Cracked walls
  • Rising water bills
  • Cold floors
  • Peeling of the walls due to water build up

If you see all of these signs, you do not need anyone to advise you on acting fast.

What Do Do About A Slab Leak

Fixing a slab leak by yourself could be a challenging task but these are the best things to do when you find out there is a slab leak or potential leak.

Call a professional

Clearly, this is the best thing to do when you notice there is a slab leak. Trying to fix it by yourself, you might be doing more damage and that would cost you thousands of dollars to fix. The first advice is to get a professional who would carry out necessary checks and then fix it properly.

You can do a pipe rerouting

This is just a way by which you dig through and re-channel the pipes. Note that this would be done if you find out that the issue is with the pipes underneath. If you are not so sure, do not thread.

Having seen all of these, you now know what to do about a slab leak. It could be a very tricky situation but you have to ensure that you are very observant to know the exact cause of the problem and tackle it fast.

By Manali