Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Immigration lawyers are people who interpret the law, help you analyze your rights, strategies or possibilities, and guide you step-by-step through the complex Immigration process. These people do the job of offering insight and advice to people about the Immigration laws of a foreign country.

Are you thinking of travelling and settling abroad? If so, then you might need an immigration lawyer. Why? Chances are, you might get it wrong or fail on the first trial, doing it yourself—choosing the right category of visa, getting the right documents, and consistently performing follow-ups on your application can be a daunting task. 

The good news is, that it doesn’t have to be so difficult; in fact, applying for your visa, getting it approved, and settling in a new country can be done easily with an immigration lawyer’s help. 

Still not convinced why you need one? In today’s guide, I’ll be giving you 10 benefits of having an immigration lawyer.

1. Help you avoid mistakes

Everyone who has ever acquired a visa knows that filling in the correct paperwork is an important part of the process required to acquire a visa. The paperwork involved is usually complicated and extensive. Thus, without the help of an expert, making a mistake capable of ruining your application permanently won’t be difficult. 

How does an immigration lawyer help in this case? An immigration lawyer will guide you through all the correct steps you are to follow in order to successfully apply for work permits, marriage licenses and citizenship, without making costly mistakes capable of robbing you of your chance to get those documents authorized by the proper parties.

2. They have experience 

When hiring an immigration lawyer, do well to choose one who has a lot of success stories under his/his belt. This is important because immigration lawyers who have helped hundreds, if not thousands of people in the same situation should be able to help you. That’s because, over time, they have gathered the experience required to make your application a smooth one.

3. Immigration lawyers can manoeuvre permits and regulations 

A good immigration lawyer is an expert on all the procedural manoeuvres needed to carry you where you need to be. Whether it’s obtaining a work permit in a foreign country or acquiring permanent residency in a foreign country, an expert immigration lawyer knows what needs to be done in order to make it happen.

While you may be able to handle everything yourself, there’s still that chance of missing something or getting the information required mixed up which in turn ties them up in the complex regulatory system, or can cause them to be fully rejected. Why leave your application to chance when you can get it right with an immigration lawyer?

4. Immigration lawyers can explain your options to you 

It doesn’t matter what your situation is, there’s always an option for you. Knowing the right option for you can sometimes be difficult with an expert’s help. This is where immigration lawyers come in. These lawyers will lay out all your available options while making sure that you understand the full scope of your circumstances. For example, if you are facing a deportation issue or any other serious issue, an immigration lawyer will help you understand your available options and help you make the call.

5. They can advise permanent residents

Yes! You read that right. I’m sure you are probably wondering what you’ll need them for after acquiring your work visa or permanent residency in your chosen foreign country. The thing is, even after acquiring your PR visa, they are still laws that are binding only to immigrants and if you fail to follow those laws, you might end up getting deported before your visa expires.

What do immigration lawyers do in this case? They help you understand the laws so you don’t up endanger your status as an immigrant in that country.

6. Immigration lawyers can help you find a legal job

In most countries, one of the major problems immigrants face is finding a legal job. For example, in the United States, it’s more difficult for immigrants to find legal employment than the average American; it’s even harder to get a job that offers a competitive salary in the US. In situations like that, immigration lawyers can help you in your job application process, interact with human relations staff, and help you seek employment opportunities. 

7. If you have a really difficult immigration case

If you have been denied a visa in the past, considered inadmissible by the country’s government, or you have any difficult and complex immigration case, having an immigration lawyer by your side will greatly increase the odds of turning the situation in your favour. This is true because experienced immigration lawyers know how to use the law in a manner that’ll favour you, the immigrant.

8. You are worried about deadlines

Some people spend the day without having much to do and others are worked up during the day with little or no time for themselves. If you are the busy type, meeting deadlines will quickly become a hassle you’ll have to battle with. It’ll be sad if you didn’t get your application approved because you failed to meet a certain deadline due to your busy work schedules. That’s where immigration lawyers come in to save the day. In situations like that, an immigration lawyer will be responsible for ensuring that you meet all your deadlines on time. In addition to that, they’ll be able to track the process of your petition. 

9. You are not confident with your English skills

If you are thinking of migrating to an English speaking country then you should know that the forms you’ll be required to fill will all be written in English. If you are not confident with your English language reading and writing skills, you can hire the services of an immigration lawyer to help you fill those forms accurately. 

10. You are an employer who wants to hire an immigrant 

It’s common to find employers hiring immigrants to fill in positions they couldn’t fill with citizens residing in the country. Business owners are very busy people and with that being said, you might not have the time to search for all the details regarding immigration law since it’s a cumbersome and complex subject as well as a time-consuming task.

Having an immigration lawyer by your side saves you from such worries. Your lawyer will make the process easier for you since they’ll be in charge of all the work that needs to be done. They’ll also be able to assist both you and the immigrant you want to hire via dual representation. If your petitioner doesn’t meet the minimum income requirements, you will need to obtain a joint sponsor for Affidavit of Support.

By Manali