Sat. Sep 30th, 2023
Sleeping bag

Correct, the sleeping bags are not just for humans 🙂 There are plenty of sleeping bag models designed especially for our four-legged friends.

What is interesting is that the range is very wide – from regular sleeping bags which are best for camping, to luxury models that are designed to bring dogs warmth and comfort in apartments and villas.

Your doggy can use a sleeping bag in many ways. The three of them are the most popular:

– CAVE – pooch can enter inside the sleeping bag, like to the cave, and burry in warm (best furry) material. This is the way of use the sleeping bag was invented for 🙂

– CUP – you form a sleeping bag just like a dog bed (with sides higher than the centre) and your doggy can lay dawn like in a normal bed

– FLAT – this way he can use it as a kind of soft blanket 🙂 Doggy, when lay on it, will feel super comfortable as he will have not one but two or even three layers of material under him

I am pretty sure that after such an introduction and presenting a variety of possibilities a dog sleeping bag can bring, you will not take too much time and make your pooch such a splendid gift for the first occasion 🙂

Article photo – italian greyhound IGGY on dog sleeping bag DREAMY lily by Bowl&Bone Republic

By Manali