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If you plead guilty or you are convicted of a crime, an alternative to being sentenced to jail is to be placed on probation. While this seems to be a perfect option, fulfilling all the terms associated with it can be a bit difficult. There are several rules attached and each of them must be strictly followed. Failure to meet any of these rules or in case you break them, you could suffer severe punishments. There are several consequences of the first violation of probation in Mesa. We will touch on some of them in this article. 

What is Probation?

In some instances, when an individual is sentenced, a judge can decide to suspend sentencing by placing such a person on probation. While on probation, the probationer must meet some specific conditions to avoid serving his sentence. 

Types of Probation

In Mesa, probation can be of different types, and the type of probation to be served is dependent on the judge. 

Listed below are two types of probation in Mesa. 

Supervised Probation

An individual placed on supervised probation is usually assigned to a probation officer that must be met regularly. The assigned officer will be in charge of monitoring the activities of the probationer to confirm compliance with the conditions set by the judge. 

Supervised probation usually comes with additional requirements that may involve getting court permission for traveling out of the state, tendering warrantless searches for contraband and drugs, and payment of supervision fees. Other conditions can be serving jail terms in combination with probation, participation in alcohol or drug treatment programs, or involvement in community service.  

Unsupervised Probation

This type of probation does not involve being assigned to a probation officer. Here, no one is responsible for monitoring the probationer. Requirements to meet for this type of probation can include not violating any law and payment of court costs and fines. 

Common Probation Violations

There are several ways an individual can violate probation but having a detailed understanding of what violations are is an excellent way to comply with the terms of the sentence. 

Below are common probation violations;

Missing a Court Hearing

You may be needed to attend court hearings during a specific period. If you miss any of these court hearings, you may have violated your probation. 

Visit Certain Places Or People

A special feature of your probation period may be to avoid the gatherings of some specific set of people. For instance, if you were previously a member of a gang, you may be asked not to visit them or avoid any related gathering. If you are on probation, you wouldn’t want to be found in any of these locations or caught with any of these people. 

Committing Crime

One of the most basic laws for people on probation is not committing a crime. A minor traffic violation can be regarded as a violation of your probation. 

Being Unemployed

In some instances, terms of your probation may include getting a job or enrolling in a school. Failure to keep to this term may be considered a violation of probation. 

Not participating in Community Service: 

In case you are sentenced to community service, you will be needed to complete some specific number of hours of service. Failure to complete the number of service hours will be termed a probation violation. 

Non-payment of fines and restitution: 

Depending on the type of crime committed, you may be asked to pay certain fines or restitution to affected individuals. If you fail to pay the fines or do not fulfill the restitution set by the judge, you could be charged with probation violation. 

Failure to Meet Probation Officer

When placed on supervised probation, you will be required to meet your probation officer on a daily basis. Regularly failing to meet your appointments means you have violated your probation. Your probation officer can decide to report you to the court. 

Likely Consequences of Probation Violations

Depending on your state of residence, the consequences of violating probations can vary. But if you are found wanting, you will be required to attend court hearings to determine if indeed you are guilty of the probation violation and face the consequences attached. Listed below are consequences a judge can impose on you for probation violation. 

  • Extension of probation for up to five years. 
  • Continuation of probation with the same terms.
  • Termination of probation without any other condition.
  • Cancel your probation term and be sentenced to serve a jail term.
  • You may be ordered to serve a jail sentence of up to 30 days.

To avoid facing the consequences attached to probation violations, it is advised you adhere strictly to the rules set by the judges. Doing this will save you from the stress and aggravation attached to the consequences of a probation violation.

By Manali