Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

There are many things to think about when relocating to a new house. Other tasks can prevent you from really settling in besides unpacking. Being a homeowner requires you to become familiar with your home, understand how it works, and set priorities for the projects you wish to complete. It’s preferable to get everything right from the start rather than waiting and assuming you’ll figure it out later. You obviously have a lot going on at the moment now. Therefore, here is a brief list of seven essential things you need to do while moving into a new house. 

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  1. Tidy up the house 

You should set aside time to clean the entire house thoroughly, whether the flooring is tiled, rough, or carpeted. Windows, storage areas, walls, and the rooms’ flooring should be thoroughly cleaned. 

You might not have to clean the house as thoroughly if it was just built, unlike if someone else had lived there before. Since there is no furniture or other obstructions, it is best to clean the entire house before moving in.

  1. Replace the locks 

You wouldn’t like to learn that someone else has your house’s keys. Therefore, before you move your belongings in, you should change the locks on all of the doors leading into the house. By doing this, you can feel more secure, knowing that only you have access to your apartment’s keys.

  1. Get To Know Your Neighbors 

After moving in, it is better to meet your neighbors as soon as possible. In addition to helping you settle into your new neighborhood, getting to know your neighbors can help you learn more about it and provide suggestions for nearby services you might need. This doesn’t mean you have to start knocking on their doors, but you should try to introduce yourself the first time you meet a new neighbor.

  1. Find the location of the main water valve

Plumbing emergencies never notify homeowners before happening, which is precisely why you should be aware of where the main water valve is so you can shut it off during an emergency. 

If you live alone and have a water valve in your home, it is best to turn it off anytime you’re not around. Although they can be found inside and outside your house, water valves are mostly located outside apartments. You should test it by returning to the house and turning on the faucets after turning it off. 

  1. Know the location of your circuit breaker box 

You should get used to the circuit breaker box in your house if it contains all the switches for the various areas of your house. 

The names of the areas of the house that each circuit breaker box controls should always be listed on the label. 

If you want to name the switches and fuses on the circuit breaker, you will need a partner who will stay in the house while you check each one until they are all labeled.

  1. Check for maintenance concerns 

Never ignore or believe the landlord when they tell you something is true. Inspect the home by yourself to ensure everything is in order.

Check if there are any plumbing leaks. Verify that all of the glass panes are properly installed and that all doors and windows lock can open without difficulty. Take your time with this exercise and double-check everything. Fix any problems you discover before moving in.

  1. Inform your loved ones about your new address

Spare your loved ones the anxiety of visiting your former apartment only to learn that you no longer reside there. You could send them a message to let them know when you plan to move.

By Manali