Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Whether you’re building a new home or just looking to revamp your current one, it’s always wise to look for innovative and trendy furniture designs that can add value to your space and give your home an even more customized feel. While forecasting furniture design trends can be tricky, it’s essential to consult with the best furniture store in Melbourne. To help you choose the best furniture design, we have listed nine furniture trends that we think you’ll surely want to add to your space.

The furniture industry is one of the most fast-paced and trend-driven industries globally, constantly growing with new designs sofa, dining table, bedroom furniture, materials, and manufacturing methods. While we can’t always know what will be in trend, we can look at the aspects of modern furniture design to get an idea of the same.

Modern Furniture Design Trends

1. Minimal Wood Usage

To counter the issue of deforestation, wood should be used as little as possible. New technology has created synthetic materials that can achieve similar textures and styles as traditional wood. Companies are increasingly focusing on using these environmentally friendly options instead of wood. This change also positively affects labour practices; fewer trees being cut down means fewer jobs for loggers. While high-end furniture will still feature natural wood, most furniture stores in Melbourne have transitioned to more sustainable, low-impact materials.

2. Minimal Impact

With sustainability at an all-time high priority, consumers are now more aware than ever before about their choices. Manufacturers are introducing modern furniture made from sustainable materials like natural fibers and recycled plastics with furniture design. In 2022, furniture manufacturers are likely to work even harder to ensure that furniture pieces look great and have a minimal impact on human and planet health.

3. Natural Accents

In just a few years, natural accents like real wood and stone will give way to even more designs as designers continue to take their cues from nature. Introducing unique manufacturing methods with environmentally-friendly materials will make an organic design even more accessible.

Natural materials are fashionable, affordable, and sustainable. Since living green is in vogue, natural accents will likely become even more popular. It wouldn’t be surprising if you saw it more on tabletops and shelves than ever before. Though they present a challenge when cleaning, many people still prefer wooden surfaces to their plastic counterparts—mainly when applied creatively.

4. Metalics and Ceramics

The world has been moving toward a greater reliance on metal and ceramic furnishings, from tables and chairs to decorative pieces. Sculptural, modern designs are more popular than ever before in Melbourne. As these trends continue their trajectory upward, more traditional materials may be phased out entirely.

5. Textile Usage

In-home furnishings and textiles have become an integral design element that makes a room feel personal and inviting. Textiles are making a splash from upholstery, pillows, and rugs as they replace our old patterns with new modern takes on classic looks.

With time, there will be a greater focus on textiles and other sustainable resources. Architects are already using eco-friendly materials like bamboo, hemp, and even mushrooms to design more environmentally conscious homes. Here’s where textiles come into play: With sustainable textiles becoming more prominent, expect to see natural fibers make their way into interior design.

6. Technologically advanced

It’s no secret that today’s society is pretty screen-obsessed, so it stands to reason that tech will make its way into modern furniture design. The question is not whether we’ll incorporate technology into our surroundings but rather how we do so properly. Furniture will likely have innovative elements; however, they should be unobtrusive, like small LED lights or sensors built into the structures.

Smart technology has taken over our homes and lives, but it’s also shaping to impact furniture design significantly. We already see smarter chairs, tables, and sofas with technology built into their designs, making our furniture more interactive. If you want to stay ahead of these trends, pay attention to the technically advanced home furnishing trends.

7. Multifunctional

Two-in-one stools and tables, pullout furniture that can adapt to new uses, and foldaway chairs are some trends that have become a part of modern designs and which you’ll see more often. If you’re going with modern multifunctional furniture, look for pieces that don’t sacrifice style over function. Remember that style and function need not be mutually exclusive. By implementing the usage of multifunctional furniture in your place, you will have more space for storage as well.

8. Shapes and Silhouttes

As product designers begin incorporating data and technology into every facet of their designs, design innovation will become increasingly eclectic. We may see some unexpected shapes and silhouettes that surprise us with their wit and whimsy. Organic, biomorphic forms will also display as architects become inspired by nature to create more sustainable building structures. As our population continues to grow, we’ll be searching for spaces that are intelligent and efficient—spaces where each square inch counts.

9. Ergonomics

Numbers of research in the past few years have found that we spend too much time sitting. We’re spending a lot of time slumped over our desks at work or in front of the TV. Our bodies were built to move around, not hunch over chairs and desks all day. The easiest solution? Office furniture will become increasingly focused on ergonomics, so you can work comfortably without hunching or straining your back.

Wrap Up

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By Manali