Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The limited liability protection offered to members of LLCs in American Samoa is increasingly attracting small business owners. Even non-citizens can be members of limited liability companies in American Samoa. The truth is that here in America, limited liability companies can be owned by the resident and non-resident citizens, foreigners or by other corporations.

The procedure of forming a limited liability company is the same for both citizens and non-citizens. To obtain an LLC, the members are required to file Articles of Association with the Secretary of State. The laws for creating an LLC vary from state to state so the members must check and know the requirements for their state.

When it comes to creat my LLC, considerations are often given to non-citizens regarding taxes. There are always minor differences in tax requirements for non-citizens. It is worthy to note that a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is crucial in facilitating the smooth submission of taxes payable on LLC-generated revenue. While citizens use a Social Security Number to submit their taxes, resident and non-resident immigrants use an individual taxpayer identification number.

Non-citizens may not receive social security numbers but they can always use their Foreign Resident Taxpayer Identification Number to pay specific types of income from domestic sources. If you are a non-citizen trying to obtain an LLC in the US, you need to be informed about the potential challenges in forming this type of business structure. It is therefore of the utmost importance for non-citizens to take out time to understand the US tax laws before doing the paperwork for the creation of their companies.

As a foreigner trying to establish an LLC business in American Samoa, you would have to follow the procedure properly to avoid tax fraud and other legal issues in the long run. Now back to the question of whether or not American Samoa LLCs are available worldwide, the answer is certainly a Yes! You do not need to be a citizen to own a limited liability company in American Samoa. Foreigners, as well as resident and non-resident immigrants, can all establish limited liability companies as long as they meet the requirements of the state where they hope to operate the business.

By Manali