Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

With fashion trends constantly changing, finding the right type of sport outfit or athletic wear has become easier than ever. Back then, wearing athletic apparel as a form of casualwear was uncommon but as fashion started leaning more towards comfort and functionality, sportswear became the best alternative for young people on the go.

Athleisure today is a multi-billion dollar industry and was estimated to be worth around 34 billion dollars in 2019. These figures are even expected to grow more in the future especially with many retail companies adopting more athletic styles into their collections. It’s safe to say that a normal sport outfit or athletic wear has somewhat become a staple in the fashion industry.  

Consumer Changes

With fashion continuously evolving with contemporary lifestyles, consumers have also changed their preferences. People are now accustomed to wearing sneakers and sweaters or tops from as a normal office outfit. The line between fitness and fashion is gradually becoming thinner. Athleisure has become a fashion staple both inside and outside the gym and there is no doubt that this facet in the fashion market is growing.

By introducing different types of sport outfits and athleisure apparel, fashion retailers can take advantage of the opportunities this growing trend can provide. A huge portion of today’s clothing and shoe industry caters to sportswear which is a testament to the consumer trends leaning towards more on athleisure. 

Athletic Apparel Today

Athleisure takes influence from both contemporary fashion and modern technical sports performance apparel. A normal sport outfit can be both worn for workouts as well as running errands around the city. Though many people may think that using it for the latter may seem far from what it’s originally designed for, casual activewear is fashionable enough to be worn for both activities.

Though it may seem like athleisure only started becoming popular in the recent decade, different types of sportswear have been around since the fitness revolution began in the 80s. Iconic fitness celebrities were often seen wearing fashionable types of sport outfits which became the catalyst for retail companies to sell them to normal consumers. Since then, athleisure has only gotten more and more popular and today, many companies even focus specifically on creating and developing athletic apparel and fashion. 

Athleisure Marketing

Many of the brands that are successful in marketing their products tend to revolve around the concept of inclusivity. With the help of social media, companies can also show their relatable side to audiences and provide a more interactive consumer relationship. Athleisure also focuses on a more body-positive side of fashion which is why it’s common to see different types of sport outfits in a wide range of sizes. 

This growing trend in terms of inclusivity and body positivity is the reason why many consumers are gravitating towards athleisure fashion in recent years. It’s safe to say that athleisure has become a staple and will continue to grow in the future. A typical sport outfit may seem minimal in terms of style but this is also one of the biggest reasons why people appreciate the simplicity and functionality of modern athletic apparel. 

By Manali