Sun. May 26th, 2024

Fashion Nova is the viral clothing brand that can do no wrong. Beloved by celebrities and influencers the world over, its sexy, bold and stylish collections are a reflection of what drives the beautiful people both in and out of the spotlight.

Founded in 2006, Fashion Nova is privately owned and operated by Richard Saghian.

Saghian spotted a gap in the market for women’s clothing that was both sexy and affordable and so he responded by ushering in a new wave of fast fashion that filled the space.

The first Fashion Nova store was in Panorama City and now there are 5 stores in Southern California.

But it’s the internet presence that’s really made this label go off like a bomb and this, combined with the fact that Fashion Nova offer clothing for diverse body types which have been neglected by other labels have assured the label’s continued popularity with celebrities.

Fashion Nova is more than just a look, it’s a distinctive and recognisable attitude. Wear Fashion Nova and you’re telling the world you know who you are and what you want in life.

When someone like Iggy Azalea rocks a Fashion Nova outfit like this vibrant green halterneck bikini and silhouette enhancing pants to match, she’s not just saying “here I am in my hot outfit” she’s letting the world know who she is.

Among the most famous Fashion Nova converts there’s Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Amber Rose and the previously mentioned Iggy Azalea and that’s just a few!

What these women have in common is their no-nonsense, sexy and strong personalities. These are women who mean business – in every sense of the word.

Fashion Nova has managed to capture what it is that makes women like this so special and package it up in desirable statement looks that highlight the hourglass figure that’s so desirable right now.

The game changing brand hasn’t approached it’s marketing in the way of a traditional fashion house, there are no catwalk shows or swish showrooms, there are only 5 brick and mortar stores and they’re all in California. Instead, Fashion Nova uses the same platform that it’s celebrity fans and influencers use so well – Instagram.

With over 25 Million followers, it’s fair to say that yes, Fashion Nova benefits from the collaborations with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B but the connection doesn’t do them any harm either!

Fashion Nova’s biggest sellers from celebrity endorsements

It’s fair to say that when a star or influencer posts a pic of themselves in one of Fashion Nova’s outfits, there’s a rush to purchase the look. People naturally want to emulate those they admire and when it’s Fashion Nova on the hook, there’s plenty to admire!

Not only is this desire to imitate great news for Fashion Nova but it’s great for the celebrity too. Pushing up their following as people hurry to share the photos and grab the look for themselves, style icons stay relevant – it’s part of the Fashion Nova magic!

With gorgeous celebrities sharing photos of themselves looking stunning in their Fashion Nova choices, it’s easy to see why people want to emulate them.

Take the sleek white satin mini dress worn by Kylie Jenner back in 2018. With a deep v neck and knotted front, the dress epitomized what makes Kylie so special and people were super keen to follow!  

Hugging the curves and yet somehow managing to keep a layer of mystery about the wearer, this dress is a fashion classic and one of Kylie’s looks that many wanted to emulate.

Here’s a few more of those hotter than hot Fashion Nova moments from celebrities that had the public queuing up to buy.

·         Iggy Azalea in that pink bodysuit

She was teasing fans about her new album drop in this Instagram post and what better way to grab their attention than with a jaw-dropping pink bodysuit that hugged every swerve and curve she’s got! The suit, in hotter than hot pink, was one of the mostattention-snatching moments on Instagram that year.

·         Kylie Jenner in Fashion Nova Jeans that fit like a glove

When Kylie shared a pic of herself peeking over her own shoulder with her curves so snugly encased in dark blue denim Fashion Nova jeans that we didn’t even need to see the whole picture to know how good they looked, the comments went off! Kylie’s far from shy about showing off her tiny waist and these jeans certainly did that to great effect!

·         Amber Rose in super cute sports bra and thong

The edgy star posted a pic of herself relaxing at home in a gray, sporty underwear set. The flattering cut of the set enhanced her figure and managed to look comfortable at the same time! Not something every fashionable brand can pull off with their designs!

The fashionable gift that keeps on giving

The fact is that Fashion Nova is not only providing a constant stream of gorgeous clothing for diverse body types but it’s also giving stars the attention they love and ordinary people the chance to share clothes in common with their favorite celebrities.

Celebrities love the fact that wearing Fashion Nova keeps things real – they’re not hung up on strutting about in super unattainable outfits but have realized the power in meeting your fans on the same level.

There’s something very powerful about this message and it’s not gone over the heads of the savviest stars.

For 2022, Fashion Nova will continue to break boundaries, showcase beautiful, vibrant and attitude-packed outfits to inspire and excite those who love the look which Fashion Nova have created.

And it is a distinct look – and fortunately for everyone, it’s one we can all enjoy!

By Manali