Sat. May 18th, 2024

Testosterone is the male sex hormone which is responsible for libido and sexual relationship. Low T is generally considered a flaw or a medical condition and treatments are available to prevent low testosterone levels and keep it boosted or to a normal level. However, a very few people know that low testosterone has some positive outcomes as well. Although the benefits of low T are generally less considered, studies have revealed some great benefits that are associated with lower levels of testosterone. Some of these are:

A good family life

Studies have shown that men with low testosterone after having children tend to become good family men. Low levels of testosterone help them to focus more on their family and develop a secure emotional connection with their kids. This promotes a greater sense of satisfaction in the spouse relationship, advocating a comparatively better family life. Researchers suggest that low testosterone is natural after planning a family and that too, is for some betterment from nature. Low testosterone tends to provoke a naturally supportive attitude in men which is crucial while dealing with spouse and raising kids. While excessive levels of testosterone lead towards ill-tempered and violent behavior. 

Boosted social life

Studies have found that older men have more mature, supportive and trustworthy relationships with their friends and family! And low testosterone is the reason behind it. Lower T levels allow men to develop a peaceful attitude and a positive outlook on life in general, making them develop more secure relationship with their friends and colleagues. Low level of testosterone will thus allow you to meet and develop confidence in more people and have a trouble-free friendship relation with them, making your friend circle even bigger. Hence, it can be a plus point for your social life in general. 

Less heart problem vulnerability

Higher levels of testosterone in any age might become a reason for increased heart diseases. The risk of heart diseases is lowered in men with low testosterone. Since, low testosterone levels promote the generation of excessive HDL cholesterol which is good for a healthy functioning of heart. So, lower levels of testosterone account for a surety of a healthy heart and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

More immunity

Low testosterone is supposed to be the reason in men to have developed a good and healthy immune system. This benefit was considered when men with high levels of testosterone were found unable to develop a response against certain vaccines. However, men with comparatively low testosterone responded to the vaccines in a positively normal way. 

Low testosterone levels in men is satisfactory for their female partners since it allows them to feel more loved and secured from their partners. Benefits of low testosterone can be noted only when it is not too low. Alarmingly low level of testosterone can cause various health conditions which need to be treated as soon as possible. Seek medical assistance if you are unsure about your testosterone levels.

By Manali