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If you are looking for a simple exercise that helps you lose weight and tones your lower body, Wall sits are the perfect option. Here is why you should incorporate Wall sits in your workout regime.

What are Wall sits?

Wall sits are an isometric exercise that mainly focuses on strengthening the lower body, especially the quadriceps. They can serve as an alternative to squats which target similar muscle groups.

Twelve top benefits of Wall sits

Here are some benefits that Wall sits offer, making them a highly efficient workout.

1.     Improve strength and endurance

Wall sits may not help you improve muscle mass; instead, they enhance strength and stamina, especially in your lower body. If you keep doing them regularly, holding your body in the correct position will become easier to achieve for a longer time.

2.     Work the entire lower body

Although Wall sits are done in a static position, they work all your lower body muscles. Wall sits target glutes, quads, and hamstrings and also work your hips, abs, and back muscles. Therefore, Wall sits can be considered a compound exercise that targets multiple muscle groups.

3.     Burn a lot of calories

Wall sits make you hold your body in a position for a specific time that will cause the muscles to remain contracted throughout. You will feel your heart rate going up and feel the burn, especially in your lower body. Wall sit exercise, therefore, can help you achieve weight loss over time if done consistently.

4.     Improve focus

Wall sits can be mentally challenging as you have to maintain the correct posture. It can be very tough to hold the pose while your legs are burning, and also remember to keep breathing steadily.

5.     Improve posture

People who need to get rid of slouching Wall sits are a great exercise. They force you to keep your back aligned with the Wall with your shoulder wide apart and open chest. It is a great way to help improve your body posture.

6.     A great alternative to squats

If you hate squats or never seem to be able to achieve them correctly, Wall sits are a great alternative. Wall sits target the same muscle groups as squats, and you can do them more quickly due to the support from a wall. They can also be done with squats to supplement them.

7.     Improve balance and stability

Holding a wall sit in mid-air is not as easy as it may sound. With a weak lower body, they are challenging to achieve. Wall sits increase your core and lower body strength and improve your balance and coordination to maintain your posture.

8.     Increase core strength

By focusing your attention on your abdominal muscles and tightening them, you can improve the strength and stability of your core. You will notice your core to be engaged the whole time while performing a wall sit. It can even help build and tone your abs with time.

9.     Increase calf strength

During a wall sit, the primary points of focus are the leg and thigh muscles. Putting pressure on your feet to fix them to the ground is beneficial for the calves. The calf muscles remain contracted throughout to hold your body upright.

10. Easy and fun to do

The best thing about Wall sits is that they are not super challenging to perform correctly. Many exercises that focus on similar muscle groups require a lot of care in positioning the body, which is not true for Wall sits. People from all age groups can do them correctly, from children to the elderly.

11. Need no equipment

You can do Wall sits anywhere anytime without requiring any special equipment. They do not need you to go to the gym or find a spacious setting in your home to achieve.

12. Offer many variations

You can do a lot of variations of the exercise once you are good with the basics. You can do interval training instead of the static way and even use equipment like weights and balls to make it more challenging. Dynamic leg movements can help you focus on specific muscle groups during a wall sit.

The takeaway

As evident from this article, Wall sits are a highly beneficial yet simple exercise that requires no equipment. Adding it to your exercise routine can be high-yielding to train your lower body. Combine it with squats and other lower body exercises to achieve muscle mass in your lower body.

By Manali

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