Sun. May 19th, 2024

Mesmerizing lake views, undulating mountains that intoxicate with their verdant beauty, historic city that whispers tales of past – Udaipur doesn’t fall short of the most spectacular scenery for a destination wedding.  As Udaipur has gained popularity as a wedding destination, more and more properties have come up in Udaipur which offer services and packages for destination weddings.

Some properties are heritage or luxurious properties while others are affordable hotels and resorts. If your budget is flexible, you should read more information about the cost of weddings at various venues in Udaipur. We have listed three such properties which you can book for your destination wedding in Udaipur if your budget is less than INR 50 lakhs.

1. Chunda Palace

This hotel has 45 rooms which makes it ideal for weddings with a guest count of 120 to 150. Its terrace, indoor hall and pool area provides spaces for wedding ceremonies and gatherings.  Click here to find out the cost of a wedding at Chunda Palace.

2. Shouryagarh Resort & Spa

Shouryagarh has a very beautiful garden, a banquet hall and additional spaces which can be utilized for wedding ceremonies. The beautiful construction of this property is instantly liked by couples and families. The cost of a wedding at Shouryagarh should be between INR 30 lakhs to INR 40 lakhs.

3. Bhairavgarh Resort

Bhairavgarh resort is built to look like a palace, hence it is preferred by couples who dream of a royal wedding. The professional service and delicious food have given a huge boost to the popularity of this resort. A garden with spectacular views, a banquet hall and poolside venue provide beautiful spaces for various wedding ceremonies. The total cost of the wedding is likely to be below INR 40 lakhs, you can read more about the expenses if you are interested in booking this property.

By Manali