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A thermal rifle scope is a device that is used to sight things at night or during low light conditions. It combines a compact thermographic camera and an aiming reticle. You can mount it on various small arms and heavy weapons depending on what you are using it for. When using a thermal rifle scope like the Accufire Incendis Thermal, you should be fully aware of how it works. You can refer to the Accufire Incendis manual to understand the workings of the scope and use it correctly. You can purchase thermal rifle scopes at various places like Elevated Gunworks. They offer a wide range of sighting devices and accessories. 

Can You Use a Thermal Rifle Scope in Daylight?

Thermal scopes are several pairs of infrared technology put together. They enhance the scope of your vision in the dark, or during foggy weather. Typically, thermal rifle scopes are used when people go hunting at night. But you can use the scope during the day if the weather is foggy, or if you want better sight. 

When Can I Use a Thermal Rifle Scope During the Day?

The primary use of a thermal rifle scope is to get clear sight in the dark. It gives you enhanced results if you play at night. However, there are certain times when you can use these scopes during the day as well. You can use these scopes if the conditions outside are too foggy or smoky. You can even use them if you are playing in a dark, enclosed space. The scope will improve your visibility considerably in any of the above conditions during the day.

The thermal scope can also be used by daytime hunters to get crystal clear images. It can help hunters see through thick vegetation and brush. Many times, hunters have to wait for hours to catch a glimpse of prey. This can get frustrating. The thermal scope will instantly highlight camouflaged birds, hogs, varmint, and any other hidden animals. Any deer’s antlers will show up instantly as fireworks in the thermal scope if they are covered in blood. However, you must increase the brightness setting on the thermal optic to get clear images. The thermal scope will also catch the trail of warm blood and help hunters spot their hunt from a distance. Even cold-blooded creatures which may not be clearly visible can be spotted through thermal devices. While their bodies may not emit heat signatures, their outline will be visible, making it simple to spot them. Thermal scopes will also help with accurate target identification. They help you identify your target accurately, helping you make the right shot. 

How Do Thermal Scopes Work?

A thermal scope is made up of infrared technology. Long infrared waves possessing high energy detect thermal energy around you. These scopes contain thermal detectors that catch the presence of thermal energy around you. The objects will be visible through the scope in different colors like yellow, red, and green.

Are Thermal Rifle and Night Vision Scopes the Same?

While both thermal rifle scopes and night vision scopes allow you to see when it is dark, they are considerably different from each other. The biggest difference is how both these scopes function. Night vision scopes will need at least some light to function properly. The scope will amplify the light to improve overall visibility in low-light areas and during the night. Thermal rifle scopes on the other hand don’t need any light to function. They catch heat signatures from objects around them and help people see even in darkness.

A thermal scope will improve your chances of detecting targets. Night vision scopes, on the other hand, will only enhance visual clarity. 

Another major difference between night vision scopes and thermal rifle scopes is the pricing. Night vision scopes can be available for as low as a few hundred dollars. Thermal scopes can cost at least $1,000. Sometimes, they can cost between $3,000 and $5,000.

Who Can Use a Thermal Rifle Scope?

Various industries and occupations can benefit from thermal scopes. Some of them are listed below:

Police and Security

Security officers and policemen can use thermal rifle scopes during surveillance at night. The scope will help them detect any kind of activity during the night. 


Hunters can use thermal rifle scopes to navigate thick woods at night. They can also use the scope to spot a resting or still animal through the thick foliage. 

Rescue Teams

Thermal scopes can be useful for rescue teams as well. Rescue operations can happen during the day and night and in different weather conditions. The thermal rifle scope will help rescue teams spot people they need to rescue easily. 

Thermal rifle scopes have made lives so much easier with their ability to enhance sight at night. This technology can be used in various situations.

By Manali