Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

HHC is one of the newer products in the cannabis market whose discovery dates back to the 40s. However, since it is relatively new to the market, it has less information that users can access.

So if you are looking for the benefits and effects of HHC on hyperventilation, we have the answers. Here is everything you need to know about HHC and how it deals with hyperventilation in our bodies and minds.

What Is HHC?

You might have heard about other cannabis compounds a lot, but HHC might not be a known name to you. HHC, also known as hexahydrocannabinol, is a compound in industrial hemp plants.

Naturally occurring HHC is less in the plants, so manufacturers also manufacture HHC chemically. They use THC and insert extra hydrogen in them to make HHC. It does not change its effects, and the chemically produced version is just as efficient.

It also has some benefits that resemble other cannabis compound benefits, which users love. Since HHC is unique, many manufacturers and customers prefer it to other products. You can find HHC gummies, vape cartridges, and more in the online and offline market.

What Is Hyperventilation?

Before we know how HHC can curb hyperventilation, let us briefly understand what hyperventilation is. Hyperventilation is rapid breathing usually caused by mental issues like anxiety.

Such rapid and heavy breathing can cause a person to lose their breath often. Such a condition is disruptive to a person’s lifestyle and might even harm their physical health. Here are some root causes of hyperventilation in people:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Excessive Exercising
  • Extreme Stress
  • Shock
  • Physical Diseases (Lungs)
  • Asthma
  • Altitude Ascension

While the physical causes of hyperventilation have medications, mental issues are trickier to treat. Hence, many people search for supplements that could help them curb the root of hyperventilation.

Can HHC Curb Hyperventilation?

Hyperventilation may be present due to underlying mental and physical health conditions. Hence, to treat hyperventilation, one must target the root of it. HHC has a few proven benefits which may aid in reducing these causes.

Of course, there is too little evidence to say anything with HHC. But we can gather that these effects might be helpful. Let us discover how HHC may help reduce hyperventilation by eliminating its original causes:

Reduces Anxiety and Nausea

Anxiety and anxiety disorders are the top causes of hyperventilation. Excessive anxiety can increase heart rates, rapid breathing, and hyperventilation. Hence curbing anxiety can help reduce the chances of hyperventilation.

HHC has shown promising results in decreasing anxiety in its users. Many users reported how HHC helped them break away from anxiety and relax after a tough day. So, by reducing the anxiety levels, HHC may reduce your chances of hyperventilating.

Reduces Heart Rate

If you look at the Indica strains of cannabis products, you might know that they have a calming effect on the body. You will start feeling calmer, and your heartbeat will get steadier after consuming it.

HHC Indica strains have the same effect and can regulate an irregular heartbeat and help you achieve calmness. It can help reduce over-breathing and avoid symptoms of hyperventilation by steadying your heart rate.

Decreases Stress

Most people who use cannabis products for recreational purposes enjoy how it de-stresses them. It can help us achieve a calm state of mind due to its interaction with our endocannabinoid receptors.

Hence, HHC can reduce or eliminate a common cause of hyperventilating with lower stress levels. It can also lower the symptoms of hyperventilation caused due to existing stress.

Improves Mood

Cannabis products have proven their usage as mood boosters for their users. HHC products can boost the happy hormones in our bodies. Users especially enjoy HHC products since they become more joyful and light after consuming them.

It can increase the level of serotonin and dopamine, letting us feel happy and lighter. By doing so, HHC can help reduce stress and anxiety. Thus it may reduce the chances of hyperventilating.

What to Keep in Mind While Using HHC?

Using HHC is not rocket science, but you can keep in mind a few things before using it. You must be careful with the dosing and buying products to ensure that your HHC experience helps you with your purpose.

Also, it would help you ensure that you do not get the unwanted effects visible on the overdose of HHC. So here are some things you should keep in mind while buying and dosing HHC for the best experience:

Intake Amount

Most first-time users often struggle with determining the dosage of HHC they should take. And though the dosing, in general, is quite tricky, it is even more so for the goal of reducing hyperventilation.

Since too much HHC might increase your anxiety instead of decreasing it-the correct amount is essential. The best way is to start with the smallest possible dose for the first time. And then you can increase it within a couple of uses to get the perfect amount.

Strain of HHC

Which strain of HHC you use also determines the results of your high. Sativa strains give an energizing and boosting effect to the user. In the case of avoiding hyperventilation, it isn’t as ideal.

So you could try out the Indica or Hybrid strains of HHC first. These strains will help regulate your heartbeat and stress while lowering anxiety. The Indica strain has relaxing effects that are perfect for this purpose.

Method of Intake and Intervals

With products like HHC vape pens, taking hits may be tricky. A simple mistake like taking many hits at once may give you a misbalanced high. Then, you would only feel more anxious and not good.

Hence, you could keep gaps between taking hits or even consuming gummies. Such gradual consumption can help provide a stable high and reduce anxiety. It would ultimately help reduce hyperventilation instead of increasing it.


HHC has a few proven benefits and some assumed benefits through customer reviews. We can conclude that HHC has some effects similar to its sister compounds found in cannabis.

These benefits combined may be an effective way to curb hyperventilation and its effects. With the help of our article, we hope that you have found out if HHC is ideal for you and would help you manage hyperventilation.

By Manali