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Direct cremations are a popular option in the United States today due in part to the lockdown period of COVID -19. Their cost and the freedom and convenience they offer in planning funeral services or tributes at later stages make them an excellent choice. With a quick call, you can schedule an unattended cremation st Petersburg FL at Sorensen Funeral Home  now. They will pick up your deceased from their place of death and cremate them without a ceremony.

Unattended Funerals: What Are They?

Unattended funerals are funerals where the relatives or friends of the deceased aren’t present. Instead, the cremation or burial takes place at a private crematory or cemetery. Funeral homes or cremation companies are usually responsible for this.

After the unattended cremation, the deceased’s loved ones can plan a memorial service at a more convenient time for all involved. A picnic in the park, fireworks by the sea, or dinner at a local restaurant can all be part of the event. The bereaved can receive the deceased’s ashes during the memorial service if they choose direct cremation.

The Process Of Unattended Cremation

Unattended cremations takes place without any ceremony. It means that no one other than the immediate family and crematory staff is present or invited to the cremation center. It makes unceremonial cremation an affordable alternative for cost-conscious families. In lieu of a funeral service on the day of cremation, many families choose to hold a memorial service after the ashes return from the crematory. Here’s the entire process;

  • The crematory will pick up your loved one at their place of death. It could be from their residence, a hospital, a nursing facility, or a mortuary.
  • Crematory operators transport the remains to the crematory, where they’re marked and prepared for cremation.
  • A highly trained team performs the cremation. It often takes two to three hours.
  • Your deceased’s ashes will be picked up by the crematory and placed in a temporary urn. The crematory will notify you when the cremation is complete.
  • The crematory will notify you to schedule the transfer of your loved one’s ashes.

Who Can Have An Unattended Cremation?

Often, the relatives of a deceased person decide on the type of burial. Assuming your loved one had a will, they probably specified the kind of burial. However, if the deceased didn’t express specific burial wishes and you’re unsure whether unattended cremation is appropriate for them, consider answering the following questions:

  • Did the deceased have a conservative personality or were they open-minded? 

A traditional funeral ceremony is ideal if the deceased is very conventional. However, if your loved one was a free spirit, you can consider an unattended cremation followed by a memorial service.

  • Did the diseased ask you not to spend too much on their funeral?

Research shows that an unattended cremation costs 75% less than a traditional funeral. So if the deceased wanted something simple or inexpensive, unattended cremation could be an excellent alternative.

  • Did they discuss where you should scatter their ashes?

Most people are concerned about their final resting place and not necessarily the type of burial they will receive. If your loved one has previously expressed an opinion about where you should scatter their ashes but never discussed burial with you, unattended cremation may be the ideal choice.

What Are The Advantages Of Planning An Unattended Cremation?

You should plan an unattended cremation for your loved one for several reasons. These include;

  • Firstly, consider an unattended funeral if your loved one probably would not have chosen a typical funeral.
  • Secondly, you can opt for an unattended funeral if you don’t want to spend much on an impersonal, formal and conventional funeral.
  • You can also choose an unattended funeral if you want to plan a more intimate memorial service with your relatives and friends.
  • It is also worth considering an unattended funeral if you have difficulty getting relatives and friends to attend a typical funeral.
  • In situations when you cannot plan the funeral service immediately but after a few weeks or months, an unattended funeral would be ideal.

Where Does An Unattended Cremation Take Place?

Unattended cremations are performed in crematoriums by compassionate and knowledgeable staff. They often take care of transportation from your loved one’s home to the cremation and the cremation itself. After the cremation, you conveniently arrange a time and place for the ashes to be delivered to you.

As mentioned earlier, unattended cremation offers numerous advantages. Contact a reputable crematory operator if you’d like to schedule an unattended cremation for your loved one. They should provide you with a quote promptly. When doing so, ask as many questions as possible about the provider’s services.

By Manali