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Chevy Silverado AKA Chevrolet Silverado is a truck with a half-ton pickup capacity. It is light duty and full-size truck. In 2019 the truck was launched by Chevrolet and the model was introduced in 1999. The vehicle has taken a front-row seat in vehicles selling in the USA. 

The vehicles are equipped with money-saving safety features like airbags, stability control, antitheft system, etc. Car insurance for Chevy Silverado rates start from $1,484 per year, almost $35 less than average vehicles. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Chevy Silverado Car Insurance

There are a few things one must consider before deciding on any car insurance. Such as-

1) Claim Settlement Process

The process of insurance claim settlement should be quick and hassle-free. There are many convenient ways for an insurance claim, such as raising a claim by a simple phone call or through a website by submitting relevant proofs. 

Most companies offer online Chevrolet Silverado insurance buying or renewal services to avoid lengthy paperwork, avoid hassle-free procedures, and save time. 

2) Include Add-on Coverage

Other than having just the usual coverage one can opt for add-on options. Car insurance companies offer pop-up services like tire protection cover, engine protection, gearbox coverage, depreciation cover, and many more. 

However, additional charges will be applicable for each add ons. These extra coverages can be added by revising the renewal plan. 

3) Customer Care Support

It is very important to choose an insurance company that offers highly responsive support and customer care. 

Most of the time you get a responsive 24 hour car insurance quotes by a reputed agency for coverages. 

4) Service at Doorstep

Many insurance agencies provide the facility of pickup and drop at the doorstep. In case your Silverado isn’t working, it can be a facility. 

On the other hand, if the car owner opts for any popular agency they will have network garages all over the country. These network garages also accept a cashless claim for repair against insurance policies.  

Though Chevy Silverado has many safety features as it’s equipped with many money-saving safety features. But all these above-mentioned coverages are only possible with proper insurance. 

Why Do You Need A Car Insurance?

Here are all the more reasons why is it important to get insurance for Chevrolet Silverado

  • You Get The Third-Party Expenses Coverage

If the vehicle damages a third-party car or property he or she can claim compensation from your insurance provider, but it is only possible if you are having any valid policy.

  • It Covers Fines Or Punishment

According to law insurance is mandatory for every car owner if fails it may cause a penalty. Driving a Silverado without having proper insurance can lead to imprisonment.

 It Protects Your Car From Damage Cost

Unfortunate events like fire, theft, or any other events like this comprehensive insurance can be used to compensate for the damages.

Other than this insurance can provide coverage for accidents of policy holder’s family members in the event of any damage, if a policyholder does not claim for any particular year they are likely to get a bonus during renewal. 

Some Factors That Determine The Insurance Cost

Chevrolet Silverado Insurance cost depends upon multiple factors. Such factors are-

1) Vehicle’s Age

The age of your Silverado impacts the insurance rate greatly. For recent models of Silverado, the rates are higher than the older models. 

For instance, if we consider the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado and 2020 Chevrolet Silverado model there will be a difference of $246, as the insurance cost of the 2010 Chevrolet Silverado model is $1,238 including collision, liability, and comprehensive policy. 

The same for the model of 2020 is $1,484.

2) Age of Driver

The driver’s age affects the insurance cost directly as the driver is the person directly liable for any kind of damage happening to the car. 

According to the survey young age drivers are prone to an accident they tend to meet accidents more than mature-aged drivers.

As the avg rate, a teenage old Silverado driver pays $5424 for insurance whereas a driver of 60 years of age pays $1325 per year as insurance.

3) The Location of Your Residence

Insurance rates of Chevrolet Silverado depend highly upon the location of the driver. For a driver, who is also the policyholder, if lives in the best or worst cities the policy rates will be different from the other cities. 

For example, drivers from Los Angeles pay $2538, drivers from New York pay $2345 as insurance per year, whereas people of Columbus pay $1232 for the same. 

4) Past Driving Record

For any auto insurance past driving records have a significant impact. If there is any record of an accident or violation in the past it will raise the amount of insurance payable per year. 

For instance, a 20 year old Chevrolet Silverado driver generally pays $3364 for insurance but if the same person has a record of speed and accidents then he will have to pay $6445 per year for insurance.

By Manali