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How do you sign in to Xfinity Comcast using your email address?

Many of you are likely first-time Comcast users. Having created an account may not be enough for you to know how to log in to it. It is easy to understand and follow the email sign-in procedure. The steps are outlined below:

  1. You can log into Comcast email at “” on your computer.
  2. Located in the top right corner of your screen is the “Email Icon”. If you prefer to use voice, click on the “Voice Icon”.
  3. You now need to enter your Xfinity email login ID.
  4. The next step is to enter your Comcast account password.
  5. Upon clicking “Sign in”, you will be asked to do so.

Discover how to see the current status of your email account

Users should log in to their email accounts once every 12 months to maintain their email accounts. Your email account status can be viewed under My Account. An email account can be in one of three statuses:

  1. Active: The email account has been accessed at least once in the past 12 months. As well, auto-forwarding accounts are considered active regardless of when they were last logged in.
  2. Inactive: The email account hasn’t been accessed for over a year.
  3. Reserved: Email account hasn’t been created. All inactive email accounts whose content has been removed for inactivity will also be marked as “Reserved“.

If you log in to your email account, your Inactive or Reserved status will change to Active.

Viewing the status of your email account

  1. In My Account, click the Services tab (you may be asked to sign in first with your Xfinity ID and password).
  2. You will see your email activity under the Email section under Additional Features:
  3. If your email account is active under Email Activity, the status will not appear.
  4. Comcast email accounts that have not been accessed for 12 months will have their data deleted.
  5. Reserved: “You have not yet created your Comcast email account.”

My Account allows primary users to view the email account status of all secondary users on their account.

  1. Enter your Xfinity ID and password to sign in to the My Account’s User tab. 
  2. View the status of the user you selected.
  3. You’ll find one of three account statuses for the selected user under the Contact Information section:
    1. The status of the email account will not appear if it is currently active under the Email Policy.
    1. The inactive status of this account means that it has not been used for the last year. Its inbox and folders may be deleted.”
    1. There is no Comcast email account set up for this user.

Create an email for a reserved account or reactivate an inactive account

Accessing an inactive email account can reactivate it.

If you wish to remain active as an email user, you can access your account using the following methods:

  • Webmail for Xfinity Connect.
  • Other email applications (Outlook, iPhone Mail, etc.)

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