Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Maintaining entrance mats may benefit any building type. After COVID-19, corporations are leery of spending and prefer to invest in long-term savings. Ultimate Mats understands this challenge and strives to provide cost-effective solutions for each case.

Replacing an entry mat is a costly expenditure. To prolong mat life, the Ultimate Mats staff educates clients on cleaning and maintenance.

Fixing Your Doormat

What application will your entry mat be utilized for? Expert analysis will help you choose the optimal entry solution. This extends the mat’s usefulness.

As there are many factors to consider before installing an entry mat, our skilled specialists can help you with a site study. Proper mat specification and installation will help you preserve it.


Entrance mats wear most from foot traffic. Protecting interior flooring may require a stronger mat if significant usage is envisaged. Traffic type affects entry mat selection.

Expert Advice Is Needed For Each Application

The majority of shopping malls have large traffic volumes, heeled consumers arriving, shopping trollies pushed over the mat, the entry needs to be handicapped friendly, and occasionally automobiles have to drive over the mat if the shopping center is displaying cars.

Without considering these considerations, the improper mat may be fitted. Lifting or tearing the entry mat might cause a trip.

Shopping centers have more traffic than warehouse entrances. Consider these factors:


Consider the mat’s moisture exposure. The entryway form, mat location, and

Mats with greater drainage and anti-slip qualities are needed in wetter environments. Humidity affects mat moisture absorption.

Building form affects how much wetness the mat must manage. Internal entry mats can get wet if the building’s entrance lacks cover. The mat is meant for indoor usage and cannot manage the quantity of water it will absorb if exposed. This makes the mat damp and slippery.

The retail center lay down cardboard boxes to absorb rainwater before entering the mall, as the structure did not provide enough coverage over the entry area. This made the entry unattractive and might have been avoided with the right exterior drainage mat for a rain-exposed entrance.


Moisture and dust impact the building site. To keep floors clean, an entry mat should scrape the dust off surfaces if the facility is near a desert, beach, or construction site.

To maintain performance, the mat must be cleaned often.

The entry mat may be gathering dust and dirt well, but without maintenance or cleaning, consumers would have to replace it. This reduces mat lifespan and replacement time.

Zoned entry matting keeps filth at bay. Zoned entry matting removes 90% of tracked dirt. Our stylish entry matting protects your entrance from dirt and wetness.


To prevent high-traffic mat tears, use the right glue and reapply as needed. Angled mats are more likely to loosen. Loose mats wear faster.

Traffic determines adhesive. If the client says only individuals enter that entry, they must be warned that an automobile crossing the mat might damage the mat and adhesive.

These fundamental elements can impact the entry mat lifespan. Maintaining the mat from the start will prevent early replacement and save money.

Entrance Mat Care

Neglecting to clean a mat can ruin it, making it unattractive and unable to remove dirt.

Expect better results with the correct matting and a well-planned mat cleaning and maintenance strategy:

  • Product efficiency
  • Product longevity
  • Good ROI

Mats must be cleaned properly to last. Each mat has a cleaning process that prevents damage and optimizes performance.

By Manali