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Coorg’s highland domicile is properly defined by sprawling coffee plantations, evergreen wood forests, foggy hills, appealing peaks, lush green valleys, and an interminable stretch of peacefulness. This district, often known as Kodagu, is one of the smallest yet most attractive in the state of Karnataka. It represents the southern extremity of the Western Ghats and is appropriately referred to as the “Scotland of India” due to its stunning natural splendor.

Coorg’s old-world charm and laid-back atmosphere, along with its cool climate, gorgeous sights, and rugged terrain, make it the ideal weekend vacation you’ve been waiting for. Coorg offers something for everyone, from its capital in Madikeri to the Pushpagiri Hill range in Somwarpet and Asia’s largest honey-producing center in Virajpet. This article discusses some of the best places to visit in Coorg.

  • Abbey Falls: Abbey Falls, which cascades down from a height of 70 feet, is definitely a sight to behold. During British authority, this location was known as Jessy Falls, after the region’s first British chaplain named it in honour of his lovely daughter. You, too, will be captivated by the magnificence of this searing white torrent of water cascading through lush green coffee and spice fields, just as he was.
  • Iruppu Falls: Iruppu Falls, located in the Brahmagiri mountain range, is very stunning as it falls from a height of 170 feet in two separate stages. People come here not only to enjoy the natural beauty, but also to bathe in the purity water of the holy fall. The religious importance of this cascade, as well as its name, Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, may be traced back to the epic Ramayana.
  • Raja’s Seat: If you want to spend your free time like the royals, visit Raja’s Seat, one of the top Coorg tourist attractions. This huge garden sitting on a hillside is reputed to have been a favourite hangout for Kodava monarchs. And you’ll understand why when you see the most spectacular sunsets from here, as well as mesmerising views of the verdant valley and colourful flowering flowers.
  • Cauvery Nisargadhama: This is an incredible picnic spot and will definitely be worth it. This 64-kilometer-long river island, located on the banks of the Kaveri River, provides the ideal backdrop for relaxing in the lap of nature, with deep woods, lush bamboo groves, singing birds, rabbits, peacocks, deer, and other wildlife. The major draw of this island is the hanging rope bridge that connects the outside world to this magnificent place concealed among dense jungle.
  • Harangi Dam: If you’re in the area of Kushalnagar, don’t miss out on the magnificent Harangi Dam. This reservoir is an engineering wonder that stands against the Harangi river, a tributary of the River Kaveri that originates in the Pushpagiri Hills. This location has grown in prominence as a must-see site in Coorg due to its appealing natural setting and closeness to the famed Nisargadhama river island. This dam is a must-see if you’re travelling from Bangalore to Coorg through the Kushalnagar road.
  • Mandalpatti Viewpoint: Mandalpatti’s attractiveness is best expressed by its name, which translates to ‘cloud market’ or’mist market’ in local language. This hilltop, which rises to a height of about 4050 feet and is part of the Pushpagiri Reserve Forest, provides some of the most beautiful views in the region. You may reach this viewpoint through one of two routes: the quicker Abbey Falls junction path or the more scenic Makkanduru way.

These were some of the most beautiful places in Coorg. This article will prove vital for the tourists who wish to visit Coorg. People who all are interested in visiting must take help of Travelxp app.

By Manali