Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
disability shower

When it comes to designing a disability shower, there are several factors to consider. Some of the most popular design options are walk-in shower stalls and folding doors. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional style, there is a disability shower that is right for you. You can also opt for a bespoke design.

Designing a disability shower

When designing a disabled shower, there are a few key aspects that should be considered. The shower’s curb should be low or nonexistent (no more than half an inch). The shower’s entrance should be wider than usual to make it easier for bathers using walkers and wheelchairs.

Handicap-accessible showers provide barrier-free access

Having barrier-free access to the shower can help those with mobility problems maintain their independence and stay in their homes for longer. Additionally, barrier-free showers make the bathroom appear larger, with space left for extra seating and storage.

Walk-in shower stalls are popular

Walk-in disability shower stalls are a popular choice for bathrooms. Some walk-in showers come with bench seats that provide additional comfort. Other options include programmable showers that save settings for different users. Walk-in showers can also be easily installed. They’re much easier to maintain than a standard shower stall.

Sliding or folding doors

Disability showers with folding or sliding doors can help people with physical or mobility impairments enter and exit the shower easily and safely. They also help make the shower more attractive and stylish. Some models even have seats to make it easier for users to enter and exit.

Low shelves help prevent slips and falls

Low shelves in disability showers help prevent slip and fall accidents by providing extra support. You can also install grab bars, which can serve as extra storage space. Some are designed to fit alongside the shower, while others can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Grab bars cost between $50 and $220.

Over toilet, frames are common bathroom aids for disabled people

Over toilet frames provide additional support for the body while sitting on the toilet. They also offer a splash guard for safety. These bathroom aids are often an inexpensive solution for improving bathroom safety.

By Manali