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Different Types of Casino Bonuses 2022


Nov 17, 2022
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It is in the knowledge of gamblers that they will be losing money. To keep gamblers playing, online casino platforms provide the best casino experience through a variety of games and generous bonuses.

These bonuses are not only available for new players but also for those who have been loyal bettors. It is also a way where gamblers to reduce the risks of losing more money. The bonuses vary from one platform to another. An Eth casino can provide bonuses of up to 200% for new players and more incentives to VIP players who have been loyal to the crypto gambling platform.

Some gamblers take this as an opportunity to grow their digital currencies, especially when some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are down in the market. If you are a new player or trying to switch to a crypto casino from a regular casino, here are some of the bonuses you can expect from a platform.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is usually given to new players. These rewards can be redeemed upon signing up to start with a healthy bankroll. Most of these welcome bonuses include free spins for slot games, cash backs, or free cryptocurrencies. 

Aside from signing up, a welcome bonus can also be given on the first three deposits. The value of the bonus given is computed on how much a player deposits. Some online casinos offer a 100% welcome bonus, which means they can double your gambling funds on every deposit. 

However, these bonuses are limited. Some gambling platforms have a cap and are subject to certain terms and conditions. 

No Deposit Bonus

This is one of the bonuses gamblers look for in an online casino. It allows them to play games without spending their own money. It allows new players to try out a game and win real money. Usually, winnings can be withdrawn once the set of no-deposit bonuses is used. 

Like other bonuses, this bonus comes with terms and conditions. These are also offered to games that have high house edges where the casino operators can get their cuts.

Loyalty Bonuses

Also called a Reloading Bonus, it offers loyal players who have been playing on the platform regularly. Online casino operators look at the gambler’s deposit history and award them based on the bets they have placed in a month’s period. 

There are also online casinos that provide incentives for players who actively bet or have been inactive for quite some time to get them motivated to get back to playing.

VIP gamblers can also receive high-roller bonuses such as tickets to exclusive poker games. These VIP bonuses are exclusive and different from the ones offered to other players.

Referral Bonuses

All players are given a special referral link for invites. If they have successfully invited a new player, they can receive incentives, usually at a fixed amount. This kind of special bonus comes with a condition on how much your referral should spend or deposit before you can redeem the bonus.

Final Words

All bonuses that are given by online casinos are subject to terms and conditions. It is important that these are read and approved before registering or starting a round of online casino game.

By Manali