Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Most people think that poker chips are meant only for playing poker cash games. This is not true. There are many ways to use poker chips. We all know they are mandatory for  tournaments and players generally feel relaxed at the play tables when they have poker chips because they are not cash. And, players win a lot of cash at these tournaments. 

There is a surprising range of uses for your custom poker chips. Poker chips are an affordable and memorable option to advertise your brand and promote your business or even for celebrations.  If you are looking for a company with the best, customized poker chips, choose Logo Gold Chips Inc. Read on to know about the different ways to use poker chips in detail. 

  • Poker chips can be used to promote your website or to increase your following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • You can use custom-made poker chips with your business logo as business cards for your business for a unique look. No doubt, this will help you improve sales of your products in no time.
  • You can use poker chips as gift cards or coupons for services your business provides
  • Poker chips can be used as membership cards. Instead of choosing the same old, boring, laminated paper membership cards, choose the custom-made ones to add a fun element to them. These custom-made poker chips can also withstand regular wear and tear.
  • Poker chips can be used in place of tabletop confetti to make your display booth very engaging
  • Personalized poker chips can be used as an invitation to either a birthday party or wedding. You can mention the details for your event on these personalized poker chips, and your guests will love the idea.
  • Use personalized poker chips to make any big announcements related to your company and use them to share the news with everyone.
  • Poker chips can be used as a keepsake. If you want to distribute something that looks memorable to your guests, try giving these personalized poker chips to them. You can simply add your message or photo to it, and make your event a memorable one for your guests.
  • You can distribute poker chips with your message on them to encourage your staff. 
  • They can be used to educate children at schools and colleges about various ongoing issues like drug usage, alcohol consumption, etc.
  • You can give poker chips to the visitors of your hotel or restaurant when they check-out by adding a thank you note. Visitors will definitely be impressed looking at this idea. 
  • You can use poker chips for decorating the cake tables whether it is a birthday party, bridal shower,  a wedding or any other event. 

Order customized poker chips right away to use them in different ways!

By Manali